Tuesday, November 30, 2010

N. Korea details nuclear program amid tension - World news - Asia-Pacific - msnbc.com

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 23: ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifehttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40427485/ns/world_news-asiapacific
Secretive North Korea detailed for the first time its expanded nuclear program on Tuesday, saying it had thousands of working centrifuges, as pressure built on China to rein in its ally amid tensions on the peninsula.
Pyongyang's revelations about its uranium enrichment, which gives it a second route to make a nuclear bomb, came a week after it fired an artillery barrage at a South Korean island, killing four people including two civilians.
Although North Korean rhetoric remained high — the country warned the U.S.-South Korea military drills could trigger "full-blown war" — a senior North Korean official left Pyongyang for talks with leaders in China.

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Experts have voiced surprise at the sophistication of a uranium enrichment plant and light-water reactor at the North's main nuclear complex, which were shown to a U.S. scientist earlier this month.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

China proposes emergency talks on Korea crisis - World news - Asia-Pacific - North Korea - msnbc.com

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 23: ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeGet ready folks this could very well become a major problem.

China called for emergency talks on resolving a crisis on the Korean peninsula on Sunday, and Seoul and Tokyo said they would study the proposal, as the U.S. and South Korean militaries started a massive drill.
Beijing's move to bring the two Koreas to the negotiating table comes after global pressure on China to take a more responsible role in the standoff and try to rein in ally Pyongyang.
China made clear that the talks would not amount to a resumption of six-party disarmament discussions which North Korea walked out of two years ago and declared dead. South Korea said it would carefully consider China's suggestion.
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Both Beijing and Pyongyang have been pressing regional powers to return to talks, in some form or other, for the past few months, in a move analysts say is designed to extract concessions.
China, which agreed with South Korea that the situation was "worrisome," suggested the emergency talks for December among North and South Korea, host China, the United States, Japan and Russia. It did not say whether Pyongyang had agreed to join.
Japan was non-committal. "We want to respond cautiously while cooperating closely with South Korea and the United States," Kyodo news agency quoted Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Tetsuro Fukuyama as saying.
Beijing has longstanding bonds with Pyongyang, and has sought to shield its small, poor neighbor from a backlash that China fears could draw an even more ferocious reaction from North Korea and dangerously destabilize the region.

Critics in Washington and other capitals say China's approach amounts to coddling a dangerous nuclear-armed state.
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San Diego Cartel Drug Tunnel Had Rail Car, Tons Of Marijuana - Constitutional Emergency


SAN DIEGO (AP) – A sophisticated cross-border tunnel equipped with a rail system, ventilation and fluorescent lighting has been shut down by U.S. and Mexican officials — the second discovery of a major underground drug passage in San Diego this month, authorities said Friday.

The tunnel found Thursday is 2,200 feet long — more than seven football fields — and runs from the kitchen of a home in Tijuana, Mexico, to two warehouses in San Diego’s Otay Mesa industrial district, said Mike Unzueta, head of investigations at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Diego.

In Mexico, the tunnel’s cinderblock-lined entry dropped 80 to 90 feet to a wood-lined floor, Unzueta said. From the U.S. side, there was a stairway leading to a room about 50 feet underground that was full of marijuana.

“It’s a lot like how the ancient Egyptians buried the kings and queens,” Unzueta said. Unzueta said the tunnel discovered Thursday and another found in early November are believed to be the work of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, headed by that country’s most-wanted drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

“We think ultimately they are controlled by the same overall cartel but that the tunnels were being managed and run independently by different cells operating within the same organization,” Unzueta said.

The passage found Thursday is one of the most advanced to date, with an entry shaft in Mexico lined with cinderblocks and a rail system for drugs to be carried on a small cart, Unzueta said.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reports suggest Reichstag parliament building is terrorist target | Germany


Following the terror alert issued in Germany, which is to remain in place until the end of the year, the news magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that Germany's parliament building, or Reichstag, is a potential target.

According to the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Islamic extremists are planning an attack on the German parliament building, the Reichstag.
The reports suggest that al Qaeda and associated Islamist groups are planning to take hostages and fire at people in the building, which is both the seat of parliament and a popular tourist destination in Berlin.
The information reportedly comes from a jihadist who contacted the German authorities. Der Spiegel said the informant has repeatedly telephoned the German police from a foreign location in recent days, and is part of a terrorist cell of six people.
Two members of the cell are said to have been in Berlin for six to eight weeks and the attacks are reportedly planned for February or March 2011.
The magazine did not name its source.
Boosted security presence
Der Spiegel claims it is on the basis of this source's information that the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned earlier in the week that Islamists had planned attacks in Germany.
Security was increased at airports and train stations across Germany on Wednesday, when de Maiziere said there were "concrete" indications that militants were planning attacks.
He added there was "reason for concern, but not for hysteria."
Chancellor appeals for caution
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday told citizens not to be intimidated by the latest reported terrorist threats.
"We want to live freely and without fear in Germany - no terrorist threat will prevent us from doing so," Merkel told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.
"The security forces are doing everything possible to protect us," the chancellor added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Lisbon, Merkel warned about possible terrorist attacks in Germany.

"There is a real danger of terrorism," said Merkel.
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Nigel Farage to the EU: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?!

 Finally somebody out there seems to have their head on straight. The Global control has gone way to far. Will people listen and actually wake up to this fact?

As we have already said pretty much all of this before, we present it without commentary: “Good morning Mr. van Rompuy, you’ve been in office for one year, and in that time the whole edifice is beginning to crumble, there’s chaos, the money’s running out, I should thank you – you should perhaps be the pinup boy of the euroskeptic movement. But just look around this chamber this morning, look at these faces, look at the fear, look at the anger. Poor Barroso here looks like he’s seen a ghost. They’re beginning to understand that the game is up. And yet in their desperation to preserve their dream, they want to remove any remaining traces of democracy from the system. And it’s pretty clear that none of you have learned anything. When you yourself Mr. van Rompuy say that the euro has brought us stability, I supposed I could applaud you for having a sense of humor, but isn’t this really just the bunker [or banker?] mentality.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China, Russia quit dollar

Be sure to see the link for the rest of the article from China Daily.
China, Russia quit dollar 
Premier Wen Jiabao shakes hands with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on a visit to St. Petersburg on Tuesday.ALEXEY DRUZHININ / AFP

St. Petersburg, Russia - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

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Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.
"About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies," Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.
The two countries were accustomed to using other currencies, especially the dollar, for bilateral trade. Since the financial crisis, however, high-ranking officials on both sides began to explore other possibilities.
The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.
"That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries," he said.
Putin made his remarks after a meeting with Wen. They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents, including energy cooperation.
The documents covered cooperation on aviation, railroad construction, customs, protecting intellectual property, culture and a joint communiqu. Details of the documents have yet to be released.
Putin said one of the pacts between the two countries is about the purchase of two nuclear reactors from Russia by China's Tianwan nuclear power plant, the most advanced nuclear power complex in China.
Putin has called for boosting sales of natural resources - Russia's main export - to China, but price has proven to be a sticking point.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who holds sway over Russia's energy sector, said following a meeting with Chinese representatives that Moscow and Beijing are unlikely to agree on the price of Russian gas supplies to China before the middle of next year.
Russia is looking for China to pay prices similar to those Russian gas giant Gazprom charges its European customers, but Beijing wants a discount. The two sides were about $100 per 1,000 cubic meters apart, according to Chinese officials last week.
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YouTube - REALITY REPORT #71 - TSA Gone Wild

http://RTR.org/signup | http://RealityReport.TV | The stink of the TSA blue shirts has reached the people and the front line in the war on freedom has been drawn. Gary Franchi showcases the latest abhorrent displays of abuse dished out at the request of Janet Napolitano and her thugs in Washington DC.

New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods returns to the show for a special interview about the economy and Jesse Ventura drops in to spread some wisdom about the controlled media.

Nina delivers the news including stories about the latest Federal Government push back from the State of Virginia, the FBI's latest wish list including wiretapping the whole internet, and Senator Rockefeller's statements on the Hill regarding destruction of the Free Press. We brand an Enemy of the State and read your comments in the Mailbag.

This is one show that cannot be missed.

Please help raise awareness for The Reality Report and share this show.

Tom Woods on the Coming Collapse

Jesse Ventura: The Media Conspiracy

Now Available on DVD!

Happy Thanksgiving, America! | Personal Liberty Digest

See the full article below at the link.
November 24, 2010 by John Myers 
Happy Thanksgiving, America!
Tomorrow is perhaps America’s most important holiday, and it comes amidst the most positive change that has happened in a generation.
The Tea Party led the GOP to victory and it has given new hope to America. Furthermore, it is the Tea Party that has inspired many to challenge a leftist President and overthrow a liberal House of Representatives. It is the Tea Party that is setting a new course; one based on the blueprints that built this great nation.
Change has come quickly. Before the midterm election, it seemed many were giving up hope. And while the Tea Party does not yet have a unified agenda, its candidates have pushed for a balanced budget, the eventual elimination of the Federal debt and will try to repeal President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law.
The Tea Party has instilled new passion and direction in the conservative movement, and it has done so from the bottom up. The ideas and inspiration from the Tea Party come mostly from ordinary people that Americans can understand, not intellectuals like William F. Buckley, Jr.
Liberty Still Thrives Inside America
Keep in mind that I’m a dyed-in-the-wool realist. My wife tells me that I see the glass half empty, and years ago Personal Liberty Digest co-columnist Chip Wood called me Calamity John.
But I am far more optimistic this Thanksgiving than I have been in years past. The recent election has demonstrated that libertarian ideals are still alive.
That is a relief, because America may be the only nation that still has a conservative voice. It certainly has fallen silent in Canada.
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If US Doesn't Price Carbon, Could Nations Boycott American Products? : TreeHugger

I find this article below pretty funny actually. I'm having a hard time seeing any down side to this. I'm if they want so much to become like a 3rd world statis all the power to them.

All this actually means is Americans can actually spend more time taking care of America. No down side to that whatsoever.


Photo: American Food Store

British economist and lead climate negotiator Lord Nicholas Stern (of the famous Stern report) issued something of a warning to the United States last week. He effectively argued that if the US fails to address climate change by enacting a pricing scheme to reign in carbon emissions, we could face an international trade boycott on American-made goods.

The AFP reports (via Yahoo!):

A British climate change economist at the heart of international negotiations seeking a greenhouse gas deal said Friday that the US faces a trade boycott if it fails to rein in its carbon emissions. Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the British government's 2006 report on the economics of climate change, warned the US that many countries would shun its goods if they deemed them to be "dirty."

Stern told the Times that "The US will increasingly see the risks of being left behind, and 10 years from now they would have to start worrying about being shut out of markets because their production is dirty," adding that "If they persist in being slow about reducing emissions, US exports will start to look more carbon intensive."

Thanks, North Korea, for Reminding Us to Bomb Iran | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Be sure to see the full article by Keith Koffler at the link below.

by Keith Koffler on November 23, 2010, 11:29 am
If you want to have some idea what the world will look like once Iran gets nuclear weapons, have a look-see below. It’s our friend Kim Jong-Il, the Dear Leader, or his son, Baby Jerk, lobbing bombs at South Koreans on an island near the border.

So far, two South Korean soldiers have been killed, and more than a dozen soldier injured, along with a few civilians. The North Koreans can do this, because they have nuclear weapons. Here is why they have nuclear weapons:

That’s right, it was this guy who negotiated the “Agreed Framework” with North Korea in 1994 that gave them the cover to develop their uranium enrichment program.
So now North Korea gets to blow up South Korean ships – as they did in March, killing 46 sailors – and attack South Korean islands with impunity. Because there ain’t much we can do about it. Oh wait, maybe there are a few things.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea bombs S. Korea

Korean Peninsula, showing North and South Kore...Image via Wikipediahttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40329269/ns/world_news-asiapacific
South Korea warned North Korea on Tuesday of "enormous retaliation" if it took more aggressive steps after Pyongyang fired scores of artillery shells at a South Korean island in one of the most serious attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War ended in 1953.
The South fired back after Tuesday's attack and sent fighter jets to the area, close to a disputed maritime border on the west of the divided Korean peninsula and the scene of deadly clashes between the two rivals in the past.
South Korea was conducting military drills in the area at the time but said it had not been firing at the North. Pyongyang blamed Seoul for starting the fight, which killed at least two South Korean marines and wounded at least 15 other troops along with three civilians and razed scores of houses on the island of Yeonpyeong.

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Calling the incident "an invasion of South Korean territory," South Korean President Lee Myung-bak warned that future provocations could be met with a strong response, although there was no indication of immediate retaliation.

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Video LTC Allen West on Illegal Immigration

Congressional candidate LTC Allen West speaking about illegal immigration before a gathering in Jupiter Florida. Content News & Politics All content Copyright Channel1 Images Inc 2009.

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TSA chief warns against boycott of airport scans - Yahoo! News

DENVER - NOVEMBER 22:  A traveler undergoes a ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAll the more reason to boycott the scanners on Thanksgiving Day.

ATLANTA – The nation's airport security chief pleaded with Thanksgiving travelers for understanding and urged them not to boycott full-body scans on Wednesday, lest their protest snarl what is already one of the busiest, most stressful flying days of the year.
Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole said Monday that such delaying actions would only "tie up people who want to go home and see their loved ones."
"We all wish we lived in a world where security procedures at airports weren't necessary," he said, "but that just isn't the case."
He noted the alleged attempt by a Nigerian with explosives in his underwear to bring down a plane over Detroit last Christmas.
Despite tough talk on the Internet, there was little if any indication of a passenger revolt Monday at many major U.S. airports, with very few people declining the X-ray scan that can peer through their clothes. Those who refuse are subject to a pat-down search that includes the crotch and chest.
Many travelers said that the scans and the pat-down were not much of an inconvenience, and that the stepped-up measures made them feel safer and were, in any case, unavoidable.
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The largest quantity of this type of homemade explosives found in one location in the history of the United States - Constitutional Emergency

ADR labels for dangerous goods, class 1 - Expl...Image via WikipediaSee more at the link below.
Virtual "bomb factory" found at home, prosecutors say
Home's renter pleaded not guilty to 28 charges involving explosive devices

— A North County man who prosecutors allege turned his rental home into a virtual “bomb factory” by manufacturing a large amount of highly dangerous and volatile homemade explosives pleaded not guilty Monday to a host of charges and was ordered held on $5 million bail.

Authorities discovered inside George Djura Jakubec’s home near Interstate 15 in Escondido “the largest quantity of this type of homemade explosives found in one location in the history of the United States,” Deputy District Attorney Terri Perez said.

Thirteen homemade grenades wrapped with shrapnel and nine completed detonators also were found. The grenades were not active, but the ingredients needed to make them so were found nearby, Perez said.

She told Vista Superior Court Judge Marshall Hockett that the three types of explosives found in the house or in the backyard are the types used extensively by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Outside of court, Perez said investigators have not determined what Jakubec, 54, was planning to do with the weapons and explosives.

The explosives found at Jakubec’s home on Via Scott were Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HTMD), Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN), and Erythritol tetranitrate (ETN).
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Airport security machinesImage via WikipediaSee the link for the rest of the story.

No country has better airport security than Israel-- and no country needs it more, since Israel is the most hated target of Islamic extremist terrorists. Yet, somehow, Israeli airport security people don't have to strip passengers naked electronically or have strangers feeling their private parts.
Does anyone seriously believe that we have better airport security than Israel? Is our security record better than theirs?
"Security" may be the excuse being offered for the outrageous things being done to American air travelers, but the heavy-handed arrogance and contempt for ordinary people that is the hallmark of this administration in other areas is all too painfully apparent in these new and invasive airport procedures.
Can you remember a time when a Cabinet member in a free America boasted of having his "foot on the neck" of some business or when the President of the United States threatened on television to put his foot on another part of some citizens' anatomy?
Yet this and more has happened in the current administration, which is not yet two years old. One Cabinet member warned that there would be "zero tolerance" for "misinformation" when an insurance company said the obvious, that the mandates of ObamaCare would raise costs and therefore raise premiums. Zero tolerance for exercising the First Amendment right of free speech?
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Questions Of Effectiveness Aside, Many School Districts Are Pushing For SMART Boards | motorcitytimes.com

Interactive whiteboard at CeBIT 2007Image via WikipediaBe sure to see the video at the link below.

Questions Of Effectiveness Aside, Many School Districts Are Pushing For SMART Boards

Dr. Robert H. Goddard- The Father Of Modern Rocketry
There has been a sustained push for “Interactive White Boards” in K-12 schools to “bring lesson plans to life, engage students directly in the learning process and even boost student performance.
As I posted earlier this year, school districts across the state are pushing for federal dollars to purchase the interactive SMART boards for their classrooms while many educators question the effectiveness of the equipment.
As it has been pointed out many times before, the more money spent on education does not translate into improved results.

Increased spending on education does not increase results
Questions of effectiveness aside, opinion leaders and educators are pushing for the new SMART boards. Via the Detroit News:
From Macomb Township to Plymouth, technology is transforming the teaching landscape. Chalkboards and dry-erase boards have been replaced by interactive whiteboards with touch screens that communicate with a teacher’s laptop or computer. Assignments and lecture notes are often found on teachers’ blogs. And science experiments can be projected in front of an entire class — and recorded — using a document camera, a desktop apparatus that can snap or stream images to a whiteboard or screen, so students don’t have to crane their necks to see what’s going on.
Technology “has changed everything,” Johnson said.
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Sharia lessons for pupils aged six: BBC uncovers 'weekend schools' | Mail Online

Investigation: A BBC Panorama programme has found that around 40 weekend schools are teaching Sharia law to British children as young as six (file picture)
Investigation: A BBC Panorama programme has found that around 40 weekend schools are teaching Sharia law to British children as young as six (file picture)
Another for six-year-olds asks them to answer what happens to someone who dies who is not a believer in Islam. The answer being looked for is ‘hellfire’.
A BBC Panorama investigation, to be screened tonight, identified a network of more than 40 weekend schools teaching around 5,000 children, from age six to 18.
The schools – which offer the hardline Saudi National Curriculum – are run under the umbrella of ‘Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland’.
They are not state-funded, and do not use Government buildings. They are able to exploit a loophole which means weekend schools are not inspected by Ofsted.
Last night, experts at the Policy Exchange think-tank warned that similar extremists could seek to exploit the Government’s policy of giving greater freedoms from state control to free schools and academies.
Clear message: Education Secretary Michael Gove has said he would not tolerate anti-Semitism and homophobia in English schools
Clear message: Education Secretary Michael Gove has said he would not tolerate anti-Semitism and homophobia in English schools
They call for the establishment of a due diligence unit to check whether those applying to open the schools have an extremist background.
Current checks are largely limited to fraud, criminal convictions and funding.
Education Secretary Michael Gove, who is believed to be supportive of the idea, said he would not tolerate anti-Semitism and homophobia in English schools.
The Panorama investigation identified a book for 15-year-olds being used in the classes which teaches about Sharia law and its punishments.
It says: ‘For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence.’
There are diagrams showing children where cuts must be made. One passage says: ‘The specified punishment of the thief is cutting off his right hand at the wrist. Then it is cauterised to prevent him from bleeding to death.’
For acts of ‘sodomy’, children are told that the penalty is death and it states a difference of opinion whether this should be done by stoning, or burning with fire, or throwing over a cliff.
Panorama alleges that a building used for one of the schools, in Ealing, West London, is owned by the Saudi government .

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1331789/Sharia-lessons-pupils-aged-BBC-uncovers-weekend-schools.html#ixzz162vY6btb
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