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Iran: 'Only seven minutes needed for the Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv'

Photo by: REUTERS
"Only seven minutes is needed for the Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv," senior member of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and former Revolutionary Guard official, Majtaba Zonour, told semi-official Fars News Agency Saturday.
His comments follow days of heated exchanges between US and Iranian officials.
Tensions between Washington and Tehran have intensified after the Trump administration announced new sanctions targeting Iran’s ballistic-missile program.
The US issued the new penalties in response to several Iranian missile launches that international powers say are in violation of Iran’s obligations.

Iran responded forcefully, proceeding with a military exercise that further tested its missile radar capabilities.
Iran’s officials vowed to continue launching “roaring missiles,” which they characterized as defensive in nature.
And they targeted US President Donald Trump himself calling him “reckless” and inexperienced.
Trump said on Twitter that Iran was “playing with fire.” And, in a statement, US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said Iran’s “belligerent and lawless” behavior across the Middle East had only increased since it agreed to a deal with six foreign nations meant to govern its nuclear program for more than a decade.
Senior MP: Iran to Demolish US Base in Bahrain in Case of Aggression

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and former Islamic Revolution Guards Corps official warned that the slightest aggression by Washington against Iran will be responded by razing to the ground the US military base in Bahrain.
"The US army's fifth fleet has occupied a part of Bahrain, and the enemy's farthest military base is in the Indian Ocean but these points are all within the range of Iran's missile systems and they will be razed to the ground if the enemy makes a mistake," Mojtaba Zonour, a former advisor to the Iranian Supreme Leader's Representative at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), said on Saturday evening.

Stressing that Tehran has prepared its forces for asymmetric war and attained great achievements in the missile field, he said if the enemy fires a missile against Iran, the country will immediately retaliate it with firing a missile at Tel Aviv.
"And only 7 minutes is needed for the Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv," Zonour said.
His remarks came after US officials repeated threats to Iran in the last few days.
Yesterday, Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh played down the recent allegations by the US officials against Iran's defense program, but meantime warned Washington to avoid hostile action or wait for a harsh response.
Iranian President Stresses Expansion of Banking Ties with Moldavia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with his Moldavian counterpart Igor Dodon in Tehran on Sunday underlined the need for the development of banking relations between the two countries.
"Development of baking relations between the two countries will accelerate expansion of trade and economic ties between Iran and Moldavia," President Rouhani said.

He also underscored the importance of mutual cooperation in the energy sector, and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran can supply an important part of Moldavia's needs in this field given its high capacities in the production of oil, gas and gas condensates."
Dodon, for his part, called for using the abundant cooperation capacities existing in Iran and Moldavia to enhance the level of economic and trade ties and increase reciprocal investments.
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacifica and Commonwealth Affairs Ibrahim Rahimpour and Moldova's Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur in a meeting last August stressed promotion of all-out ties.
Rahimpour who met Galbur in the Moldova's capital Chisinau, said that the ground is ready for development of ties between Iran and Moldova in all areas particularly in the field of economy.
He referred to Iran’s geopolitical position in the North-South corridor and called for development of cooperation between Tehran and Chisinau for using this transit route.
Moldova's foreign minister who is also deputy prime minister, for his part, said that the two countries following the removal of sanctions against Iran should seize the chance to enhance their cooperation in all spheres.
Moldova is ready to sign cooperation documents to boost all-out ties with Tehran, he said.

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Britain's Brexit bill clears first legislative hurdle
Britain's Brexit bill clears first legislative hurdle
Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to take Britain out of the European Union easily cleared its first legislative hurdle on Wednesday, paving the way for the government to launch divorce talks by the end of March.
May's government is seeking approval for a new law giving her the right to trigger Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty - the legal process for leaving the bloc - after the Supreme Court ruled she could not take that decision unilaterally.
The bill could complete the legislative process by March 7.
May wants to begin exit negotiations with the EU by March 31, starting two years of talks that will define Britain's economic and political future and test the unity of the EU's 27 remaining members.
Lawmakers voted by 498 to 114 in favor of allowing the bill to progress to the next, more detailed legislative stage. Earlier they rejected an attempt to throw out the bill, proposed by pro-EU Scottish nationalists.
Theresa May and Angela MerkelImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
This article is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide to the UK's vote to leave the European Union.
What does Brexit mean?
It is a word that has become used as a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU - merging the words Britain and exit to get Brexit, in a same way as a possible Greek exit from the euro was dubbed Grexit in the past.
Why is Britain leaving the European Union?
A referendum - a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part - was held on Thursday 23 June, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union. Leave won by 52% to 48%. The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting.
Find the result in your area
What was the breakdown across the UK?
England voted for Brexit, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%. Scotland and Northern Ireland both backed staying in the EU. Scotland backed Remain by 62% to 38%, while 55.8% in Northern Ireland voted Remain and 44.2% Leave. See the results in more detail.
What has happened since the referendum?
Britain got a new Prime Minister - Theresa May. The former home secretary took over from David Cameron, who resigned on the day after losing the referendum. Like Mr Cameron, Mrs May was against Britain leaving the EU but she says she will respect the will of the people. She has said "Brexit means Brexit" but there is still a lot of debate about what that will mean in practice especially on the two key issues of how British firms do business in the European Union and what curbs are brought in on the rights of European Union nationals to live and work in the UK. She set out more details of her negotiating hopes in her key speech on Brexit.
What about the economy?
The UK economy appears to have weathered the initial shock of the Brexit vote, although the value of the pound remains near a 30-year low, but opinion is sharply divided over the long-term effects of leaving the EU. Some major firms such as Easyjet and John Lewis have pointed out that the slump in sterling has increased their costs. Britain also lost its top AAA credit rating, meaning the cost of government borrowing will be higher. But share prices have recovered from a dramatic slump in value, with both the FTSE 100 and the broader FTSE 250 index, which includes more British-based businesses, trading higher than before the referendum. The Bank of England cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% - a record low and the first cut since 2009 - after the vote and there has not been the economic slump or recession that some had predicted. Here is a regularly updated detailed rundown of how Britain's economy is doing
What is the European Union?
The European Union - often known as the EU - is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries (click here if you want to see the full list). It began after World War Two to foster economic co-operation, with the idea that countries which trade together are more likely to avoid going to war with each other.
It has since grown to become a "single market" allowing goods and people to move around, basically as if the member states were one country. It has its own currency, the euro, which is used by 19 of the member countries, its own parliament and it now sets rules in a wide range of areas - including on the environment, transport, consumer rights and even things such as mobile phone charges. Click here for a beginners' guide to how the EU works.
Be sure to read the rest here at this link.

Israel Deploys 'Star Wars' Missile Killer System

(Worthy News) - Israel's upgraded ballistic missile shield became operational on Wednesday, in a “Star Wars”-like extension of its capabilities to outer space where incoming missiles can be safely destroyed.
The Defense Ministry said the U.S.-funded Arrow 3 system, jointly developed by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and U.S. firm Boeing Co., was handed over to the Israeli Air Force.
The Arrow 3, together with the Arrow 2, which has been operational since 2000, would “significantly reduce the possibilities of ballistic missiles” hitting Israel, the ministry said in a statement. [ Source ]
The Arrow 3, together with the Arrow 2, which has been operational since 2000, would "significantly reduce the possibilities of ballistic missiles" hitting Israel, the ministry said in a statement.
The Arrow 2 is designed to intercept projectiles high and low within the atmosphere. Arrow 3 missiles will fly into space, where their warheads detach to become "kamikaze" satellites that track and slam into their targets.
Such high-altitude shoot-downs are meant to safely destroy incoming nuclear, biological, or chemical missiles. Israel has frequently voiced concern about a ballistic missile threat posed by its arch-foe, Iran.
The United States has its own system for intercepting ballistic missiles in space, Aegis.
Arrow serves as the top tier of an integrated Israeli shield built up to withstand various potential missile or rocket salvoes. The bottom tier is the already-deployed short-range Iron Dome interceptor, which was used extensively with high success rates in a 2014 Gaza war against Hamas militants.
Another Israeli system called David's Sling is being developed to shoot down mid-range, lower-altitude missiles, such as those in the arsenal of Iranian-backed Hezbollah, a Lebanese group which last fought a war with Israel in 2006.
(Reporting by Jeffrey Heller; Editing by Ori Lewis and Alison Williams)
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Mattis: U.S. Will Defend Japanese Islands And Deploy Missile Defense In South Korea

Chinese officials reacted with disgust when Defense Secretary James Mattis announced Saturday the United States would defend Japan-controlled islands claimed by China and deploy missile defense in South Korea.
Mattis, according to The New York Times, told Japanese officials Saturday morning that the U.S. defense responsibilities of Japan expanded to the debated rocky station posts known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan.
Mattis, who made his remarks at a Tokyo news conference, said that China’s territorial declaration to nearly all of its waters “has shredded the trust of nations in the region.” Sec. Mattis discussed Article 5 of the United States-Japan treaty, which obligates the the U.S. defend Japan or its territories that it controls against an attack.
China condemned the statement made by Mattis. The chief spokesman of China’s Foreign Ministry, Lu Kang, said in a statement on its website, “We urge the U.S. side to take a responsible attitude, stop making wrong remarks on the issue involving the Diaoyu islands’ sovereignty, and avoid making the issue more complicated and bringing instability to the regional situation.”
Read more:
China Assails U.S. Pledge to Defend Disputed Islands Controlled by Japan
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reviewed an honor guard before a meeting at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo on Saturday. Franck Robichon/European Pressphoto Agency
Last year, China sent a warship to within 24 miles of the islands. President Xi Jinping of China declared much of the East China Sea to be a Chinese air defense zone in 2013, and since then China has regularly sent fighter jets to patrol the area.
At a news conference in Tokyo, Mr. Mattis cited Article 5 of the United States-Japan treaty, which commits the United States to defend Japan or territories that it administers against attack.
“I made clear that our longstanding policy on the Senkaku Islands stands — the U.S. will continue to recognize Japanese administration of the islands,” Mr. Mattis said. “And as such, Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan security treaty applies.”
Before going to Japan, Mr. Mattis went to South Korea to offer assurances to that ally about defense commitments, and China’s reaction was similar.
No Extra Forces Needed in Gulf Now, Defense Chief Says
TOKYO — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described Iran as the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism on Saturday, but he emphasized that there was no pressing need for the United States to beef up its military presence in the Persian Gulf region.
“I do not see any need to increase the number of forces we have in the Middle East at this time,” Mr. Mattis said, speaking in Tokyo at a news conference as he wound up his visits to Japan and South Korea, his first foreign trip as defense secretary.


I’m so impressed with our new President… he’s actually doing what he promised. Bringing in the Feds to combat the Chicago gang killings is a no brainer and should have most certainly been done years ago.
The people of Chicago deserve peace and safety, the democrats were not willing to give them either.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is looking to send 20 more agents to Chicago, just a week after President Donald Trump tweeted he would ‘send in the Feds’ to the city to curb surging gun violence.
The new team will be called the ‘Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force.’
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said he hadn’t been told about the move, but welcomed the extra federal resources he has asked the president for.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is looking to send 20 more agents to Chicago, just a week after President Donald Trump tweeted he would 'send in the Feds' to the city to curb surging gun violence.
The new team will be called the 'Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force.'
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office said he hadn't been told about the move, but welcomed the extra federal resources he has asked the president for.
He also wants more DEA and FBI agents on the ground in a bid to combat the problems with violence that have crippled the city in recent years.
Currently, there are 40 agents in the city according to CNN.
Read more:
Twenty more ATF agents on their way to Chicago

Officials from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and local police arrive at the site of an explosion in May 2003 at the Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. | Don Emmert / AFP
Reports of the ATF sending more agents came as a surprise to some in City Hall.
“We first heard about this on CNN,” a City Hall source said.
A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department also could not provide details about the agents.
Sources within the ATF in Chicago welcome a move to hire additional permanent agents here, but they warn that must come with more aggressive prosecution of gun cases on the federal and state levels.
Last year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that federal gun prosecutions in Chicago lagged other cities including Baltimore, Detroit, Milwaukee, Brooklyn and Manhattan between 2011 and 2016.


President Trump’s executive order to freeze funding for “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce federal immigration law has been met with expected resistance from big-city liberal politicians nationwide. The order, which also instructs the Department of Homeland Security to release a weekly police blotter on crimes committed by illegal aliens, was issued “to better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions.”

Mayors of major cities with large immigrant populations are openly saying they will resist President Trump's efforts to stop them from protecting illegal immigrants.
Trump signed an executive order this week that would strip funding from so-called "sanctuary cities," which are cities or other jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement requests to detain or turn over a person who violate U.S. immigration laws.
Mayors in some of those cities, like Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Washington, D.C., say they won't comply, setting up a showdown that could end up with some of them getting less federal funding from the Trump administration. In a statement last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he was "deeply disturbed" by Trump's executive order.
"I will use all of my power within lawful means to protect all Boston residents — even if that means using City Hall itself as a last resort," he said, adding that 28 percent of Boston's residents are immigrants.
Percentages of immigration cases resulting in removal

In this Thursday Aug. 9, 2012, file photo, persons are detained for being in the country illegally and are transferred out of the holding area after being processed at the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Tucson, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)
Percentage of cases in Massachusetts immigration court resulting in removal/deportation of aliens in fiscal year 2015 (numbers are averages of all courts in each state):
Massachusetts 26.9%
New York 27.5%
Oregon 32.6%
Hawaii 33%
California 33.8%
Virginia 36.3%
Puerto Rico 37.2%
New Jersey 37.4%
Florida 38.3%
Arizona 39.4%
Colorado 41%
Pennsylvania 42.4%
Nebraska 42.8%
Michigan 45.7%
Ohio 46.6%
Nevada 47.2%
Guam 47.5%
Connecticut 48.6%
Washington 49%
Tennessee 50.1%
Missouri 57.4%
Utah 60.3%

Despite the fact that such a policy would protect American citizens from the avoidable grief and loss that too many families have endured as a result of lax immigration enforcement, liberal officials across the country are throwing toddler-like, “federalism be damned” hissy-fits.
Last weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he is prepared to legally challenge any “attempt to implement” Trump’s executive order in his city. The mayor stressed the need for illegals to have a “working relationship” with the NYPD, and not let fears of deportation hinder criminal investigations. De Blasio said he is willing to go so far as to shield undocumented aliens charged with drunk driving, grand larceny, and other “minor offenses” from federal prosecutors.
Many other city leaders have vowed similar protections in the wake of Trump’s bold actions regarding illegal immigration. By doing so, however, they risk losing millions in federal dollars — and the vital city services that come from them.
“In New York, Trump's hometown, city officials said the administration's action could take away over $150 million in law enforcement funding,” reported and the AP. De Blasio and company also risk endangering, harming, or losing many more lives due to their own negligence.
"Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime," Maureen Maloney, mother of the late Matthew Denice, told Conservative Review via email. "Our family is permanently separated by his death."
Matthew Denice was struck while riding his motorcycle on Aug. 20, 2011, by an illegal immigrant driving a truck. Maloney told CR that her son “survived the initial crash with abrasions and contusions.” But when the perpetrator, an Ecuadorean with a criminal record named Nicolas Dutan Guaman, fled the scene, he ran over Denice, who became lodged in the truck’s wheel well and was dragged a quarter of a mile to his death.
In May of 2014, Guaman was sentenced to 12 to 14 years imprisonment for the death of Matthew Denice — a rare outcome for situations like these, according to Maloney.
- See more at:

Fourth day of massive protests in Romania, 120,000 people. Video

VIDEO Fourth day of massive protests in Romania, 120,000 people sing national anthemn in Bucharest, huge rallies expected over the weekend
Tens of thousands of people went to the streets for the fourth day in a row on Friday evening to protests against an emergency ordinance that may weaken the fight against corruption in Romania. The weekend is expected to bring even bigger rallies as people are determined to get the Government to withdraw the ordinance than partly decriminalizes abuse of office, which starts producing its effects on February 11.
Update 2: Over 120,000 people, according to TVR, maybe 150,000 according to Digi24 and were in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square at 22:00 (Opening photo: Dan Mihai Balanescu). They sang Romania’s national anthemn Desteapta-te, Romane! (Wake up, Romanian!) – video by Romania’s public television TVR. Between 250,000 and 300,000 people protested all around Romania.

Image caption
The announcement came as protesters took to the streets for a fifth consecutive day AP.
Romania to withdraw corruption decree after mass protests
The Romanian government says it will withdraw a controversial decree that would have decriminalised some corruption offences.
Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said it would be repealed on Sunday.
"I do not want to divide Romania. It can't be divided in two," Mr Grindeanu said in a televised statement.
Tens of thousands of flag-waving protesters in central Bucharest cheered his announcement, which came after five consecutive days of demonstrations.
The protests in the eastern European country against the decree have been the largest since the fall of communism in 1989.
Mr Grindeanu said he "heard and saw many opinions", including from "the voice of the street". He said that parliament will now debate a new corruption law.
He added Justice Minister Florin Iordache would take responsibility for the poor communication and confusion around the controversial measure which would have allowed many officials convicted of corruption to leave prison.
Rallies outside parliament
The decree was meant to come into force at midnight on 10 February.
It would have decriminalised abuse of power offences when sums of less than €44,000 (£38,000; $47,500) are involved.
One immediate beneficiary would have been Liviu Dragnea, who leads the ruling PSD party and faces charges of defrauding the state of €24,000.
The leftist government only returned to power in December after protests forced its last leader from power in October 2015.
Mass protests force Romania to scrap decree decriminalizing graft

By Radu-Sorin Marinas | BUCHAREST
Romania's prime minister said on Saturday he was scrapping a decree that would have shielded dozens of politicians from prosecution for corruption, bowing to one of the biggest protests since the fall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989.
Sorin Grindeanu said the decree - which decriminalized several graft offences in what the government said was a bid to relive pressure on the prison system - would be repealed on Sunday, just five days after is was approved by the cabinet.
It would have come into force at the end of next week.
"I do not want to divide Romania. Romania can't be split into two. Right now Romania seems broken in two. My last desire is to witness this," Grindeanu said, referring to the public disgust at the decree which brought hundreds of thousands onto the streets every day since it was passed.
While he made the announcement live on television, some of the anti-corruption protesters outside his office, which police estimated at 170,000, chanted: "Resign! Resign!" and waved the Romanian flag.
Soon after, an image of a map of Romania was laser-projected onto a nearby building, with the words: "We WOKE UP!" Protests in some 70 cities nationwide were estimated by police to number 330,000 people.
"They must go. This is an incompetent government," said one protester who gave his name as Gabriel. "We don't want to see this repeated. We won't give up."

Pentagon Investigation Finds ‘Weaknesses And Flaws’ In ISIS Intelligence Gathering

Pentagon Investigation Finds ‘Weaknesses And Flaws’ In ISIS Intelligence Gathering
A Department of Defense Inspector General report has found several “weaknesses and flaws” in the military’s intelligence reporting on the Middle East, specifically the Islamic State.
Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) carry weapons during clashes with Islamic State militants in frontline near university of Mosul, Iraq, January 13, 2017. REUTERS/Ahmed Saad
Read more:
The Pentagon released an unclassified version of its investigation into U.S. Central Command’s intelligence processes Wednesday. The investigation was a response to internal accusations which claimed senior leaders within the command where distorting intelligence reports to portray the Obama administration’s fight against ISIS in a more positive light.
Investigators confirmed that numerous problems existed within the command and that there was an understandable “widespread perception that CCJ2 senior intelligence leaders were distorting intelligence to present a more positive view of the success of the ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and a more negative view of the success of ISIL (ISIS).” CCJ2 is the acronym which refers to a combat command’s intelligence division.
During the investigation, the IG discovered “several specific weaknesses and flaws in the CCJ2 management processes for creating intelligence products.” Officials believe these problems contributed to the perceptions. Investigators identified “ineffective communication and guidance, lack of adequate feedback, ambiguity and uncertainty” about policies and the “ambiguous status of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) analysts assigned to USCENTCOM” impaired effectiveness, efficiency and morale within the analyst community.
Read more:

Republicans and Democrats Agree: CENTCOM Cooked ISIS War Intel
Senior officials at U.S. Central Command manipulated intelligence reports, press statements, and congressional testimony to present a more positive outlook on the war against the so-called Islamic State, a House Republican task force concluded in a damning report released Thursday.
The report, written by the members of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees and the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, confirmed more than a year of reporting by The Daily Beast about problems with CENTCOM analysis of the war against ISIS.
House Democrats, who conducted their own separate investigation, reached a similar conclusion as their Republican colleagues, finding that CENTCOM “insufficiently accommodated dissenting views,” Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.
The altering of intelligence reports, which included information that made its way into briefings to President Obama, was systematic, lawmakers found.

Congressional Task Force on CENTCOM Releases Initial Report
A Congressional joint task force (JTF) investigating allegations of intelligence manipulation at U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) released an initial report today detailing persistent problems in 2014 and 2015 with CENTCOM analysis of U.S. efforts to train the Iraqi Security Forces and combat the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
The JTF found that intelligence products approved by senior CENTCOM leaders typically provided a more positive depiction of U.S. anti-terrorism efforts than was warranted by facts on the ground and were consistently more positive than analysis produced by other elements of the Intelligence Community. It further determined that numerous process changes implemented at CENCTOM as well as leadership deficiencies resulted in widespread dissatisfaction among CENTCOM analysts who felt their superiors were distorting their products.
Created in response to a whistleblower allegation, the JTF was established by the Chairmen of the House Armed Services Committee, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Subcommittee on Defense of the House Appropriations Committee. It is led by Reps. Ken Calvert, Mike Pompeo, and Brad Wenstrup.
Rep. Calvert said, “The leadership failures at CENTCOM reach to the very top of the organization. I hope that the new CENTCOM commander and the new Director of Intelligence can turn things around quickly. As for the task force, it is critical that we follow up on the deficiencies highlighted in this initial report. What happened at CENTCOM is unacceptable – our warfighters suffer when bad analysis is presented to senior policymakers. We must continue our efforts until we fix it.”

Iran Mobilizes ‘Massive Military Exercise’ In Response To Trump’s Sanctions
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he arrives to address workers in Tehran, Iraq, April 27, 2016. via REUTERS Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he arrives to address workers in Tehran, Iraq, April 27, 2016. via REUTERS
Iran Mobilizes ‘Massive Military Exercise’ In Response To Trump’s Sanctions
Iran mobilized a large swath of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Saturday in response to President Donald Trump’s treasury sanctions for conducting illegal ballistic missile tests.
Iranian military spokesmen indicated the IRGC would test 3 missiles as part of the exercise, “to showcase the power of Iran’s revolution and to dismiss the sanctions.” Whether these missiles include ballistic missiles banned from testing by a United Nations resolution is unclear.
Trump’s sanctions target 25 individuals and institutions within the IRGC connected to the ballistic missile program, and follow a week of escalating rhetoric between the two countries. Iran similarly responded to the sanctions saying it “will take action against a number of American individuals and companies that have played a role in generating and supporting extremist terrorist groups.”
Read more:
France Raids Mosques… What They Found Inside Proves TRUMP IS RIGHT!
The Mosque of Lagny-sur-Marne Photo: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty, File
The deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France killed more than 130 people. Unlike America after an attack, France started immediately raiding Islamic mosques to see what they could find. After all, far too many people in the Muslim community have not been helpful with bringing forth information to authorities.
And while those French investigators have been called racists, a Langy-sur-Marne based mosque was raided this week anyway… And they found a large collection of 7.62 Kalashnikov ammo along with boxes of Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda videos.
Authorities also raided one of the mosque’s leader’s homes, and found a revolver hidden near jihadist documents.
Police also found recordings of religious chants “glorifying the martyrs of jihad linked to the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra”, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, the prefecture added.
The recordings were found among a wealth of teaching material for young people in an undeclared madrassa, or religious school. Police removed a hard disk and 10 computers.
“No request was made to open a private school,” the state prefecture said in its statement.
Mohammed Ramdane, president of the local Muslim association in Lagny, had criticised the closure of the prayer hall at the time, saying: “Nothing has been found in the mosque. Nothing is hidden, we don’t hide anything.
Via Telegraph
France isn’t messing around. They’ve arrested more than 230 muslims and collected more than 324 weapons. Many others are under travel bans and house arrest. They have shut down three mosques and have raided more than 2,300 homes.
As France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve recently noted:
Cazeneuve said the number of weapons apprehended so far is staggering.
He said: “In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year.”
And many French leaders have joined those voices in the EU calling for an end to importing Syrian Islamic refugees, as a proper screening process is impossible.
Compare that to the response we saw from President Barack Obama, who tried to blame the attacks on San Bernardino on “workplace violence” for days, while calling on his Attorney General to prosecute those who speak out against radical Islam.
It looks like Trump’s comments were right, and it’s time to start treating Muslim communities with suspicion!
Kalashnikov bullets found in police raid 'linked' to radical Paris mosque closure
Police discover "bullets, Islamist propaganda and unauthorised madrassa" in raid after closure of mosque in Lagny-sur-Seine, outside Paris, in wake of Paris terror attacks
Kalashnikov ammunition and Islamist propaganda videos were seized by French police in raids on Sunday after shutting down a mosque in the Paris suburbs, according to French authorities.
Linked to the traditionalist Salafist branch of Islam, the prayer hall in Lagny-sur-Marne, around 18 miles east of the capital, was shut down last Wednesday following a major police operation.

French Terrorist Was Egyptian Citizen On Tourist Visa

The Islamic terrorist who tried to attack French soldiers with a machete at the famous Louvre Museum Friday was an Egyptian citizen on a French tourist visa, BBC News reports.
The 29-year-old man was reportedly a resident of the United Arab Emirates and arrived in France Jan. 26 on a one-month visa. The terrorist was shot five times in the abdomen by French soldiers and remains in critical condition. French President Francois Hollande confirmed the attack was a terrorism incident.

900 Churches in Nigeria Destroyed by Boko Haram

At least 900 Christian churches have been destroyed at the hands of Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, as part of the Islamic radical group's campaign to drive out all Christians from the north, the youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria reported.
CAN said that the "carnage" being carried out against Christians is "not accidental," and argued that continued attacks in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, and Taraba communities show that Boko Haram's war on followers of Christ, which started in 2009, continues in full force.
According to The Daily Post, the comments were made after the National Executive Council meeting held in Gusau, Zamfara State, with the youth wing chairman, Evangelist Musa Misal, urging the rebuilding of over 900 demolished churches.
CAN further called on the government to step up its protection of civilians, which was echoed by persecution watchdog groups like International Christian Concern.
Yes, I want Breaking Christian News SUBMIT
"Christians continue to be the main and constant target of Islamic radicals like Boko Haram and Fulani militants without any hope of ever being protected or for the authorities to bring justice," ICC said in a note, referring also to the Fulani herdsmen, a separate Islamic radical group that reportedly killed over 800 Christians and moderate Muslims in the last half of 2016.

Friday, February 3, 2017

BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People

Seattle “preschool teacher” might have some explaining to do to the parents of her young students after a fiery and f-bomb-ridden diatribe calling for protesters to start “killing people."
The Daily Caller reports that the video of the self-described “preschool teacher” at an anti-Trump rally surfaced this weekend.
The unidentified woman was given control of the bullhorn and filled several minutes with a profanity-filled anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-police and anti-Whole Foods rant:
“F*ck white supremacy, f*ck the U.S. empire, f*ck your imperialist a** lives. That sh*t gotta go.
White people, give your f*cking money, your f*cking house, your f*cking property, we need it f*cking all!”
But it was the relish with which the teacher instructed people to kill people that was the most chilling:
“And we need to start killing people.”
That brought laughter from the crowd which then erupted into cheers as she continued her rant:
"First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f*cking White House, your f*cking presidents, they must go! F*ck the White House! Your f*cking White House. ”
An individual in the crowd was cheered when she said, “Burn it!”
People who were commenting on the live-stream thought that instead of concern about Trump, the protestors should take a look at themselves.
She also had some eerie ideas on what to teach children:

Military Convoy Flying Trump Flag Raises Eyebrows

3 FEBRUARY, 2017
The military convoy spotted on Sunday flying a Donald Trump flag near Louisville belonged to an East Coast-based SEAL unit, a Navy spokesperson told ABC News. Military officials have launched an inquiry to determine if any misconduct can be linked to the incident. Regulations do not permit an unauthorized flag on a military vehicle.

Photos and a video of the convoy spread quickly on social media, with many questioning the identity of the occupants and whether the vehicles belonged to a military unit or were military surplus. The video shot on Sunday on a highway near Louisville showed the lead vehicle of a convoy flying a large blue Donald Trump flag from an antenna.

Hate-filled diary of British housewife turned jihadi bride: ‘Every breath I take I hate non-Muslims more’

Feb 03, 2017 Israel
Hate-filled diary of British housewife turned jihadi bride: ‘Every breath I take I hate non-Muslims more’

British jihadi bride purports to have written a diary of life under ISIS rule in Syria
Going by the name Umm Ibrahim al-Brit, she claims to live there with her family
Describes how hundreds of dead bodies fill the streets after Russian raids

British jihadi bride purports to have written a diary of life under ISIS rule in Syria
Going by the name Umm Ibrahim al-Brit, she claims to live there with her family
Describes how hundreds of dead bodies fill the streets after Russian raids
She also tells of how her family and others often go days without running water
‘Every breath I take my hatred for [non believers] increases,’ read one post
Many British families have left seemingly comfortable lives in the UK to join ISIS
A British housewife who fled to Syria with her jihadi husband appears to have penned a hate-filled diary describing life as a housewife under ISIS‘s barbaric regime.
Under the nom de guerre Umm Ibrahim al-Brit, she tells how the bodies of women and children lay piled on the dusty streets following airstrikes by ‘kuffar’ (non believers) – and how her husband recruits others to wage jihad against the West.
She also describes how she listens to an audiobook of the Koran through earphones to drown out the sound of falling Russian bombing raids at night.
‘The Russian kuffar bombed – killing 100 people and injuring many,’ she wrote on encrypted messaging service Telegram.
In posts seen by MailOnline, Umm Ibrahim spews extremist propaganda and encourages other families to join her family in Syria and wage jihad against the West.

See full article here.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Report: DOJ Wants Banks To Call Police On Customers Withdrawing $5,000Or More.

Report: DOJ Wants Banks To Call Police On Customers Withdrawing $5,000 Or More - Truth And Action
You tell the teller that you’d like to withdraw $5,000 from your account. She hesitates nervously and wants to know why.
You try to politely let her know that that’s none of the bank’s business as it’s your money.
The teller disappears for a few minutes, leaving you waiting.
When she returns she tells you that you can collect your money in a few days as they don’t have it on hand at the moment.
Slightly irritated because of the inconvenience, you head home.
But as you pull into your driveway later there’s an unexpected surprise waiting for you: two police officers would like to have a word with you about your intended withdrawal earlier…
If this sounds far-fetched, think again. Because it could very well become a reality in the Land of the Free if the Justice Department gets its way.
Read more here, also be sure to listen to the audio. 

According to the handbook for the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council, banks are required to file a SAR with respect to:
“Transactions conducted or attempted by, at, or through the bank (or an affiliate) and aggregating $5,000 or more…”
It’s utterly obscene. According to the Justice Department, going to the bank and withdrawing $5,000 should potentially prompt a banker to rat you out to the police.
Do you need to withdraw cash to purchase a used car from a private seller?
Or perhaps you are pulling out some emergency cash for a loved one.
Either one of these activities are now considered suspicious and if your cash withdrawal amounts to even a few thousand dollars your bank teller is under a legal requirement to alert officials about your suspected criminal activity. And before you argue that you can’t possibly be a suspect because you have done nothing wrong, consider that even being suspected of being a suspect is now enough to land you on a terrorist watchlist in America.
In fact, according to the Obama Administration concrete facts are no longer necessary:

Prohibiting  French residents from making cash payments of more than 1,000 euros, down from the current limit of  3,000 euros. 

Given the parlous state of the stagnating French economy the limit for foreign tourists on currency payments will remain higher, at 10,000 euros down from the current limit of 15,000 euros.

The threshold below which a French resident is  free to convert euros into other currencies without having to show an identity card will be slashed from the current level of 8,000 euros to 1,000 euros.

In addition any cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 10,000 euros during a single month will be reported to the French anti-fraud and money laundering agency Tracfin

French authorities will also have to be notified of any freight transfers within the EU exceeding 10,000 euros, including checks, pre-paid cards, or gold.

More here. 

Customers have to show ID, can no longer deposit cash into another person’s account

According to Fox Business, Chase is “the first big bank to enact such a change.” Customers are already being asked for ID as of February 1, while cash deposits into accounts bearing someone else’s name will be banned from March 3 onwards.
Chase claims it is imposing the changes to prevent money laundering, although the policy is likely to cause massive inconvenience for families, such as parents who wish to deposit cash in accounts belonging to children who are away at college.
Representatives from Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo did not respond to questions on whether they would also be looking to impose the same rules.
Several more links here and the links above. Research yourselves and know the truth. 

50 US Spies: The Obama Admin Manipulates Our Reports, Threatens Us IfWe Speak Out

50 US Spies: The Obama Admin Manipulates Our Reports, Threatens Us If We Speak Out

That complaint was supported by 50 other analysts, some of whom have complained about politicizing of intelligence reports for months. That’s according to 11 individuals who are knowledgeable about the details of the report and who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.

The accusations suggest that a large number of people tracking the inner workings of the terror groups think that their reports are being manipulated to fit a public narrative. The allegations echoed charges that political appointees and senior officials cherry-picked intelligence about Iraq’s supposed weapons program in 2002 and 2003.

The two signatories to the complaint were described as the ones formally lodging it, and the additional analysts are willing and able to back up the substance of the allegations with concrete examples.

Some of those CENTCOM analysts described the sizeable cadre of protesting analysts as a ‘revolt’ by intelligence professionals who are paid to give their honest assessment, based on facts, and not to be influenced by national-level policy. The analysts have accused senior-level leaders, including the director of intelligence and his deputy in CENTCOM, of changing their analyses to be more in line with the Obama administration’s public contention that the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda is making progress. The analysts take a more pessimistic view about how military efforts to destroy the groups are going.

The Truth about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict

The Truth about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

Join Dennis Prager of Prager University as he gives a lucid and knowledgable synopsis of the Middle East conflict. Although his explanation is based on historical fact, these facts are becoming murkier and murkier as the Moslem countries of the Middle East attempt to rewrite them.

Dennis Prager asks an intriguing question. Why can't the one Jewish state in the world be allowed to exist? Who is he in essence asking? The Arab nations that surround Israel? America? The UN? When observing the behavior of the Moslem nations and then the behavior of the Jewish nation you begin to wonder why the world tends to support the Moslem stand on this extremely straightforward issue. As Prager explains "One side wants the other dead."

Watch and decide for yourself.

Published on Jun 19, 2014you can find books by Dennis Prager here:

Israel would like to exist and recognizes the right of the Palestinians to have a state; the Palestinians, however, and many other Muslims and Arabs, do not recognize the right of a Jewish state of Israel to exist.

Every poll among Palestinians shows that a majority of Palestinians want there to be no Jewish state of Israel -- doesn't believe it should exist -- or had any basis for being. And this has been true since 1948, when the British left and the U.N. established a division; Palestine would be cut in half -- a Jewish half and an Arab half.

The Jews accepted it -- the Arabs didn't accept it. And what happened? The moment it was announced, Arab armies -- about seven Arab armies -- attacked the Jewish state in order to destroy it. To everybody's surprise, the little Jewish state survived, and that was pretty much it.

And then it happened again in 1967, when the dictator of Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser, said "We're now going to extinguish the Jewish state of Israel." And Jordan joined him, and Syria joined him -- but Israel attacked first, as so Israel survived.

And that is how Israel -- and only that way -- came to occupy what was called the "West Bank" of Jordan -- where many Palestinians lived, because many Palestinians lived in that part of Jordan.

So, the war was over in '67 and what did the Arabs do? The Arab states all went to Khartoum, Sudan and announced "No recognition, no peace, and no negotiations," the three famous "No's." What was Israel supposed to do?

Then Israel made an agreement to give the entire Sinai Peninsula -- an area of land bigger than Israel-- with oil -- back to Egypt because they said they would make peace with Israel. Israel gives territory back for peace, and it will always do that. But is there really a desire for peace on the part of Israel's enemies, which broadcast after broadcast on TV and radio, in the Palestinian areas, is about how Jews should be killed and how Allah wants Jews to be killed? That's the typical broadcast on Palestinian television.
See video here.

And so, its not hard to explain the Middle-East dispute. One side wants the other dead. Do you know what the motto of Hamas is? The motto of Hamas is, "We love death as much as the Jews love life." Now you tell me how Israel is suppose to make peace when people believe what Hamas believes.

Now, here is one of the most important things nobody talks about: Everybody talks about a Palestinian state -- Why didn't anybody talk about a Palestinian state when the Palestinians lived under Jordanian rule? Because, the truth is, people started talking about a Palestinian state once the Palestinians were under Israeli rule, because it was always a way to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

And I say "Jewish State" because that is what it is. There are many, many Arab states but there is only one Jewish state. It is about the size of New Jersey. In fact, El Salvador is larger than Israel. El Salvador!

And yet, if a Martian came to the earth and they visited the United Nations, or they read the world's newspapers, or watched world television, they would believe that biggest problem on Earth is a state the size of New Jersey and El Salvador. This state of Israel, this preoccupation with this little democratic, humane state is absolutely irrational.

And here's another question to be asked: If Israel, tomorrow, put down its arms and said "We will fight no more," what would happen? If the Arab countries around Israel said "We will fight no more, we will put down our arms" what would happen?

In the first case there would be an immediate destruction of the State of Israel with the mass murder of the Jews of Israel. In the second scenario I presented, where the Arabs put down their arms and said, "We just want peace," there would be peace the next Wednesday.

The fact is, as I said at the outset, it is a very simple problem to describe: One side wants the other dead -- and if they didn't there would be peace.

Please remember this -- there has never been, never in the history of the world, a state in that area, in what is called geographically Palestine, that was not Jewish. Israel is the third Jewish autonomous Jewish state to exist in that area. There was never an autonomous Arab state. There was never an autonomous Muslim state. There was not an autonomous "any-other" state. That's the issue: Why can't a little state the size of El Salvador, that calls itself Israel, be allowed to exist? That, in a nutshell, is the Middle-East problem.


California Democrats ‘legalize child prostitution’
In fact, police officers in the state will be banned from arresting any person under the age of 18 for soliciting or loitering with intent, according to Senate Bill 1322. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill on Sept. 26, and it will go into effect Sunday.

The law also requires police to report allegations of child prostitution to county child welfare agencies.

Advocates of the law say it will help child victims of sex trafficking get treatment rather than sending them to juvenile hall and tagging them with a rap sheet for prostitution.

State Sen. Holly J. Mitchell, D-Los Angeles

Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.
SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.
More at this link
See video:

Paul Durenberger, an assistant chief district attorney in Sacramento County who oversees human trafficking cases, told the Sacramento Bee in February that the legislation is similar to “bills that a trafficker would want to write to protect themselves.”
Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, a respected leader on the issue of human trafficking, said the law “just opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse.”


Miss Lady, a former sex worker in Sacramento is trying to better herself. She attends college and would like to start a nonprofit to help girls off the street. "Some of them are scared to death to leave their pimp." State lawmakers have considered measures to confront human trafficking, and pondering whether prostitutes are criminals or victims.José Luis Villegas The Sacramento Bee

Read more here:

Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report

Binney is the NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information, who served as the senior technical director within the agency, who managed six thousand NSA employees, the 36-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency and the NSA’s best-ever analyst and code-breaker, who mapped out the Soviet command-and-control structure before anyone else knew how, and so predicted Soviet invasions before they happened (“in the 1970s, he decrypted the Soviet Union’s command system, which provided the US and its allies with real-time surveillance of all Soviet troop movements and Russian atomic weapons”).

Binney is the real McCoy. As we noted in 2013, Binney has been interviewed by virtually all of the mainstream media, including CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, PBS and many others.
Further, once we see the data being transferred to them, when and how did they transfer that data to Wikileaks? This would be evidence of trying to influence our election by getting the truth of our corrupt system out.

And, as Edward Snowden said, once they have the IP’s and/or other signatures of 28/29 and DNC/HRC/etc., NSA would use Xkeyscore to help trace data passing across the network and show where it went. [Background.]

In addition, since Wikileaks is (and has been) a cast iron target for NSA/GCHQ/etc for a number of years there

should be no excuse for them missing data going to any one associated with Wikileaks.



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