Friday, April 30, 2010

Apr. 28, 2010 - Arizona SB 1070: Gov. Brewer on "On The Record"

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Know the truth. Our own Government does absolutely nothing to secure the borders of Arizona. With the drug trafficking and cartel, Kidnappings, child laboring, and all out crime that comes from these borders. It makes a person wonder exactly what they are up to in Washington D.C. Are they just expecting the individual states to not protect their own? The Murder rates down by the border and the land owners down their struggle to keep what they have let alone their own lives.
It really make me wonder if Washington is actually trying to keep the terrorism going here in America. It has nothing to do with Race. But, it does have everything to do protecting the Citizens of the State of Arizona.
It's about time I see a state take it's own action and do what is constitutionally right.
Know the truth. Media and the President either have absolutely no clue, or they are deceivingly up to something that is no good.
This makes me glad I live in AZ.

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"Arizona Governor Jan Brewer tells Greta why she had 'no other choice' but to sign the controversial new immigration law that has ignited protests and heated debate nationwide."
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