Monday, April 12, 2010

1ST AMENDMENT UNDER FIRE State poised to punish free speech at schools

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The state of California is poised within days to adopt a resolution that schools be "discrimination-free" zones – a plan one critic asserts is designed "to stamp out the free speech of students and teachers with moral values or scientific ethics."

ACR 82 already has gone most of the way through the legislative approval process and only awaits state Assembly approval of Senate changes.

The resolution states "all public education institutes are encouraged to … identify themselves as 'discrimination-free zones'

"While this may sound good," said a statement from an organization called Save California, "the devil is in the details. By including morally controversial lifestyles [homosexuality, bisexuality and others] in this resolution, ACR 82 would encourage schools to 'enact procedures' against 'acts of discrimination that occur on campus.'"

Critics say the "procedures" could be enacted over something as basic as a statement that the Bible does not approve of homosexuality.

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