Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health care latest: House hears Republican objections

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President Obama speaks on the phone with members of Congress.
Follow the very latest on the health care vote and find out what it means for you, tonight on CNN. Watch the debate online, on TV and your iPhone.

Washington (CNN) -- The House is set to vote Sunday on the health care bill passed by the Senate in December.

Here's the latest on what's happening on Capitol Hill:

7:57 p.m.: In an impassioned speech, Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, urges his colleagues to pass health care reform.

"This may be the most important vote that we cast as members of this body. We have a moral obligation today, tonight to make health care a right and not a privilege," Lewis said.

"This has never been about health care. This is about government," he said, arguing that the proposed legislation would destroy health care for those who are happy with the coverage they have.

The Louisiana representative said he will not support the Senate bill because of its abortion language.

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