Sunday, February 28, 2010

ObamaCare Summit Fails The Smell Test

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Obama’s NEW Government Takeover Scheme Creates Socialized Health Care
Obama cut off discussion continually and said “move on” to stop the GOP from discussing anything that would make a real difference in healthcare reform. 
Obama ignored the American public and Republicans as Reid threatened to implement ObamaCare using budget "reconciliation" with no final House or Senate Vote saying we have done this before and we can do it again. 
Thousands joined us for ObamaCare Summit Online Tea Party.  The “SUMMIT” was not carried by most stations and even CPAN snubbed it putting it on CPAN-3.  Who watches CPAN-3 anyway?
Americans watching overwhelmingly said they were disappointed in the arrogance of Obama and his lack of respect for differing proposals pushing for costly comprehensive reform instead of discussing incremental steps to curb costs.  Most of the comments on our twitter link said that the bill should be scraped and Congress should start over. 
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