Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christian Organizations Beware - Government Money Means No Preaching Allowed

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Christian Organizations Beware - Government Money Means No Preaching Allowed  

The Salvation Army and the New York Civil Liberties Union have reached a settlement in a longstanding suit that sought to prevent the evangelical organization from violating church-state separation when providing social services.

This agreement protects the religious freedom of all New Yorkers who rely on faith-based organizations for crucial government-funded social services

"Our taxpayer money shouldn’t support religious indoctrination of anyone – particularly children. And no one should be subject to proselytizing because they need foster care, adoption, child care or HIV services," she added. "This settlement ensures that religious organizations may not preach to people who receive government-funded social services or discriminate against them based on their religious beliefs."

The goal was that "there should be one Salvation army with a single Mission Statement, driven by the vision of one leader."
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