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New Control Over Privacy on Facebook

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase Why do I post things like this? Simple to help others wake up and see what it going on in the world. It's to help those who actually read it see the reality of many subjects that are not talked about much either online or on the news. But, most of all to grab the attention of these places and people to hopefully get results that we need.

I saw this article today and have to say. It's good to see people actually paying attention out there. Yet somehow I thought Google would have listened as well. But to see Facebook actually making changes. I'm impressed. Looks like some actually do listen. It's good to see results. Though it may not be enough, It's a good start. Now if only Google plus would listen as well.
Privacy worries have bedeviled Facebook since its early days, from the introduction of the endless scroll of data known as the news feed to, most recently, the use of facial recognition technology to identify people in photographs.
At the nub of all those worries, of course, is how much people share on Facebook, with whom and — perhaps most important — how well they understand the potential consequences.
The company has struggled to find a balance between giving users too little control over privacy and giving them too much, for fear they won’t share much at all. Seeking a happy medium, Facebook announced changes on Tuesday that it says will help users get a grip on what they share.
When the changes are introduced on Thursday, every time Facebook users add a picture, comment or any other content to their profile pages, they can specify who can see it: all of their so-called Facebook friends, a specific group of friends, or everyone who has access to the Internet. These will be indicated by icons that replace the current, more complicated padlock menu.
Similar controls will apply to information like users’ phone numbers and hometowns and whether they like, say, death metal bands, on their profile pages. Users will no longer have to seek out a separate privacy page to tweak who sees how much of that personal information. Nor will they have to bother to remember what those settings were.
Company officials say they hope the changes will simplify the process of establishing who knows what about your life on the Internet — and hopefully, save a few people the embarrassment of unwittingly sharing too much.
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Of course I still trying to figure out how most of these plan to investigate themselves being that they are all part of the same group. For those that don't know may want to look at many posts I've done on here before about them.
But, Even the New York Times picked up on it. I'm Impressed.

Facebook ‘Face Recognition’ Feature Draws Privacy Scrutiny
BRUSSELS (Bloomberg News) — European Union data protection regulators said on Wednesday that they would investigate Facebook over a feature that uses face-recognition software to suggest people’s names to tag in pictures without their permission, and a privacy group in the United States said that it planned to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over the feature.
A group of privacy watchdogs drawn from the European bloc’s 27 nations will study the measure for possible rule violations, said Gérard Lommel, a Luxembourg member of the so-called Article 29 Data Protection Working Party. Authorities in Britain and Ireland said they are also looking into the photo-tagging function on the world’s most popular social networking service.
“Tags of people on pictures should only happen based on people’s prior consent and it can’t be activated by default,” said Mr. Lommel. Such automatic tagging suggestions “can bear a lot of risks for users” and the European data protection officials will “clarify to Facebook that this can’t happen like this.”
I will soon have more on this information soon. Why. Because people need to know about it.

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