Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Real ID Causing Real Problems

A dual citizen may bear two passports.Image via Wikipedia

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    In 2007, Maine was the first state in the nation to reject the federal real i-d act. Today, the state is complying with the federal law designed to make it harder for terrorists and illegal immigrants to get government-issued identification. However, it's proving to be a nightmare for some Mainers.
    Edwin Lively of Winslow could lose his driver's license if he isn't able to provide the required documentation needed to renew it. Lively is a veteran and has had his license since 1973. The veteran was born on a US military base in France. That based closed in 1967, leaving Lively with no way to obtain a certified copy of his birth certificate, which is one of the documents needed to prove US citizenship. Lively has been given a 60-day extension on his license, however he still doesn't know if he will be able to renew his license for good.

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