Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bilderberg Planning Session Ends: What's Next?

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  • Forget global warming. It's off the table. The new push from global climate "science" is going to be global COOLING.
    How do I know? It was one of the main topics at the Bilderberg 2010 conference June 4-6 in Spain. That's where the movers and shakers in government, politics, finance, industry, labor, education and communications—as the group's own website says—meet in secret for "informal and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs and the international economy."

  • These are the New World Order folks. This was their 58th annual meeting
    In the coming months expect to hear a lot of talk in the main stream media and out of the fascists in government on the issues of social networking and cyber technology (this has already started—see Kill Switch Would Kill The Internet). A world food crisis of some kind will manifest itself. Medical science will be a hot topic—perhaps another "medical emergency" created by Big Pharma and hyped by the World Health Organization (WHO), much as the false pig flu epidemic of 2009 was. And the solution will enrich select drug companies and WHO researchers.

  • The New World Order folks were dealt a setback when the emails exposing the hoax of global warming were leaked. They thought that was their ticket to one world governance. And a few of them have publicly lamented that so many are awakening to their existence.

  • But they're not done. Cap and Trade is one of their brainchildren, and the BP spill has been like a defibrillator for that atrocity's heart. Obama is promoting open borders—while holding Arizona hostage—and the Russians and Chinese are pushing a global currency. And they know Obama is on board with the Small Arms Treaty (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said so) that would effectively eliminate personal ownership of firearms—one of their and the United Nation's main goals. Obama's just got to find a way around that pesky Constitution (can you say Elena Kagan?)
    Hold on to your hats. After all the rah-rahs, glad handing and back slapping in Spain, the globalists are once again amped up and the push for global governance is on.

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