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EPA: autism boom correlates w/aborted fetal DNA in vaccines

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Still think Stem Cell research is a great idea? You may want to go to the link here and read the rest of this.
Also check out the rest of the links below for more information.
Things that the general public should be warned about while their kids are getting all those shots.

To top it off there are several links below the article here to help you study up more on this subject. People are being injected all the time. As more and children are being linked up to Autism through several doses at such a young age.
If you care about your children you might want to take some time and do some real research on this subject.
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DC, April 20, 2010 ( -
A recent study by
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed 1988 as a
"change point" in the rise of Autism Disorder rates in the U.S. - a date
that pro-life leaders say correlates with the introduction of fetal
cells for use in vaccines
While the EPA study does not
speculate into the cause of the jump in autism rates, and makes no
mention of aborted fetal cells, the researchers point out that it "is
important to determine whether a preventable exposure to an
environmental factor may be associated with the increase."
Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute
here to read Sound Choice's April 2010 newsletter.
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