Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tens of thousands call for immigration reform at Washington rally

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Immigration march

Tens of thousands of people began assembling in Washington on Sunday to march for immigration reform, a politically charged issue that has been pushed to a back burner by the intense focus on healthcare.

Wearing colorful shirts and carrying banners and U.S. flags, thousands filled two blocks on the National Mall, chanting "si se puede" - "yes we can" - and "Obama listen, remember your promise."

Among the marchers was Jose Barnell, 60, a janitor originally from Mexico who said he crossed the border in 1970. A longtime resident of Chicago, he said he is now legal, as are his children and grandchildren. He traveled to Washington by bus to support immigration reform.

"This is the only issue on the table that has a history of bipartisan leadership," Nooani said, his voice almost lost by the sounds of the growing crowds. "Fixing immigration is fundamentally linked to the economy."
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