Monday, March 8, 2010

President Obama Pushes Congress to Pass Health Care Reform

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At a campaign-like rally in Pennsylvania today, a combative President Obama criticized insurance companies, pushed members of his own party, and called for the public's support in a final push for health care reform legislation before Congress. The White House has said it hopes to have a health care bill signed into law by March 18, but even with the president's full support, passage of the bill is far from certain.

Before an enthusiastic crowd at Arcadia University outside Philadelphia, Obama called on Democratic lawmakers to pass the legislation and not worry about political consequences in the upcoming mid-term elections.

"My question to them is, 'When's the right time? If not now, when? If not us, who? Is it a year from now or two years from now or five years from now or 10 years from now?' I think it's right now, and that's why you're here today," he said.

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