Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Peering behind the rift: Obama’s pro-Palestinian agenda

Peering behind the rift: Obama’s pro-Palestinian agenda

16 March 2010: The current animus between the U.S. and Israel is being carefully orchestrated by the Obama administration, and will eventually lead to this administration’s complete abandonment of our most trusted democratic ally in the Middle East -or worse. The “prediction” of abandonment and even embracing the Palestinian agenda was first published on this web site over 14 months ago, and the process appears to be right on schedule.

This “inside” information originated from a former highly placed intelligence official familiar with the agenda of the Obama administration who warned about the very events unfolding today.
“The entire situation [the announcement of Jewish building in Jerusalem] is a ‘red herring’ and has little to no impact on the Palestinians,” he stated.
The article that appears on the Israel Matzav web site spells it out in the simplest of terms.
“The Obama administration is using strong arm tactics privately and media manipulation publicly in their attemp
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