Monday, June 13, 2011

Why are Your Children Still in Public School?

As a parent I have learned that I really have to watch out and do a lot of studying myself in order to make sure my children are not being fed wrong and purposeful information that seems to be a driven motive to to corrupt our children. Don't take my word for it. If you are a parent. You might want get more involved now in what your kids are being taught. It just may shock you.
One of my most frequent suggestions here at the CH 2.0 is for parents to get their children out of the public schools-preferably yesterday.  Today, here are two quick looks at reasons why that suggestion is still relevant.
First up, Soylent Green recently posted this story about training teachers to indoctrinate children.

When you go to their website, you can take a look at some of the workshops they’ve offered in the past. Here are some excerpts…

Examining Your Hidden Curriculum to Improve Social Justice in Your Classroom

This workshop will present a guided tour of the hidden ways we teach, such as what is on our walls and whose voices are heard through texts. Participants will map their own classrooms and in small groups develop a plan for positively using hidden curriculum to promote more social justice.
Jacque Ensign is a teacher educator who focuses on culturally relevant approaches to teaching.

Learning Israel-Palestine: Connecting with Palestinian Youth and Uncovering Conflict in the Middle East

This session explores teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with special emphasis on incorporating into the classroom the Global Citizen Corps two-way blog and live video conferencing program (formerly the Mercy Corps “Why Not” program), which connects U.S. students with youth in the Palestinian territories.
Ken Gadbow teaches high school social studies at Trillium Charter School in Portland; he facilitates live conversations between U.S. and Palestinian students through the “Why Not” program.

(Still) Rethinking Columbus: How the Columbus Myth Teaches Children that Racism and Colonialism Are OK — and some ideas on what to do about it

The Columbus-discovers-America myth is the first time in the curriculum that many children encounter different races confronting each other, different cultures confronting each other. Children begin to learn that social inequality is normal. In this workshop, through slides of children’s Columbus biographies, participants will examine deep biases that are imparted to students in literature and textbooks. We will also engage in classroom-tested methods to equip students to develop their critical reading abilities.
Be sure to read the rest of this here.
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