Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama Thinks You’re an Idiot: Is He Right? | Vision to America

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A liberal E.I. (Educated Idiot) told me this week that her whole family was ready to vote for Obama again, because after all, her grown-up daughters would get their medical care free that way.  Since neither of the college-educated kids have real jobs, even in their late 20s, they will need all the guvmint help they can get.
I swear.  True story.
My friend is an E.I., and so is her whole family.  These are nominally educated folks who fit Obama’s expansive definition of “the rich,” as they will soon find out, when it’s much too late.  But mentally they are deprived, ignorant, superstitious and foolish.  It’s the life choices they’ve made.  They are Obama’s natural prey.
I can’t help thinking that word “idiot” over and over again, as hard as I try to be Politically Correct.  I have compassion for idiots.  I just don’t want to be governed by them, or by the con artists and serial liars they keep voting for.  Bill Clinton.  Barack Obama.  Joe Biden.  Name your own.  It’s obvious by now that Obama doesn’t even bother to memorize his script anymore.  He just tells ‘em anything that pops into his mind, and all the E.I.s instantly bow down and knock their heads in the dirt.  What a brilliant guy this is!
Obama thinks you’re a dumb sucker who will fall for any nonsense syllables he croons in that mellifluous baritone, like Bing Crosby on the radio long ago, and liberals lose all their muscle tone and swoon…the blood drains from their brains…they keel over. “Will somebody help the lady who just fainted in row seven? Give her some air, please…”
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Of course everybody will go nuclear, because Obama has let that critical moment in history when nuclear proliferation could be halted slip right by him.  After that we will see a mighty global struggle between radical Islam and Western, Chinese, and Hindu civilization -- it's been going on since Mohammed and the Persians and Byzantines.  We will lose some, we will win some.  I say we go with the modernizing peoples of the world, the ones who are instinctively on the side of rationality, prosperity, and wherever possible, electoral government.  Our standard should not be protecting the Europeans who will not protect themselves.  Instead, we should seek allies in Australia, India, Japan, and maybe Russia and China, depending on how they behave.

If we develop our domestic fuels we don't need the Muslim countries at all.  If we perfect missile defenses we can wall off all the plague bacilli that spread epidemics around the world.

Meanwhile we are stuck with a parasitical population of Educated Idiots, the dumbed-down victims of the welfare state.  It's not their IQ or their formal education.  It's just their lifelong unwillingness to see the world for what it is.  Are we now 51 percent functionally disabled?  Or just 45 percent?

On that question the fate of the United States may rest.

Good luck to all of us.
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