Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wrong to Exclude God from Classroom, Says U.K. Think Tank |
LONDON – A new report from London-based theology think tank Theos has criticized attempts to restrict the influence of religious beliefs on education.
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In this file photo, students in a fourth-grade class work Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010, at the Salmon Bay School in Seattle.
"Doing God in Education" is authored by Professor Trevor Cooling, director of the National Institute for Christian Education Research at Canterbury Christ Church University.
He calls attempts to ban religious faith from shaping education misguided and harmful.
In particular, he challenges the prevailing assumption that education should be based on human knowledge and rationality because they are objective and independent of the “clutter” of religious beliefs.
Professor Cooling warns that such a position only privileges secular worldviews and so-called “commonsense” values in the classroom.
“The problem with this position is its dependence on the particular humanist belief that religion is ‘clutter’ when it comes to knowledge. It is not therefore fair or inclusive to base public education on this approach because it unjustifiably privileges a secular view of knowledge,” he states.
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