Wednesday, July 28, 2010

REALITY REPORT #55 - Obama Goes for the Gold

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One thing I have noticed in the Reality Report lately is mis-information being feed about the immigration law. They are doing the same thing all Media outlets are doing. Keeping it all one sided isn't really Reality now is it? I'm a big fan of the reality report. But I really think they need to dig deeper on this subject. IT'S NOT About RACE PEOPLE.
Illegal means from all races. Mexico is just the main desert highway for them to come through to Arizona. Need to know more about it?
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The Reality
Report w/ Gary

http://RealityReport.TV | | In this edition Gary Franchi takes a swipe at Obama's attempt to limit your financial freedom by revealing a new secret from the health-care bill and reveals a subliminal message about "Sound Money" from a blockbuster Hollywood film. Nina Police returns to the newsroom to reveal the facts behind the Raw Food Raid in California, the WikiLeaks bombshell, and the new IBM program to track and predict crime. She also discusses Wal-Marts new plan to implement RFID. Ernest Hancock is interviewed in the Camp FEMA 2 sneak peak and Gary takes a trip to the Arizona State house to take the temperature of those in opposition to the controversial immigration legislation. Plus a new "Enemy of the States" is in the cross-hairs and your comments are read from the mailbag.
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