Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Overtakes Carter As Worst President Of The U.S. In The Last 100 Years

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Obama Overtakes Carter As Worst President Of The U.S. In The Last 100 Years

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    Polling Question: Who Do You Think Is The Worst President Of The U.S. In The Last 100 Years?

    President Carter Should Be Happy

    President Carter has long been considered the worst President of the United States in the last 100 years. No longer as Barack Obama has eclipsed him in the latest poll just out from AHF Polling.  Only by 3% but this is significant as America continues a massive decline economically as more and more stimulus bills are introduced now monthly by the Democrats and Obama. These bills can only further erode the U.S. economically month after month as the United States is effectively bankrupt.  See the U.S. Debt Clock for astonishing details of what the U.S. government has done to the United States.
    Rasmussen which is one of the best polling organizations in America today released nearly the worst results ever for the new President. See: June 16 – Daily Presidential Tracking Poll and see U.S.E. Polling Center daily for latest polls from all sources.
    Poll Conducted: June 14 – June 15, 2010
    Phone Interviews Held: 1438  (49% Female, 51% Male)
    Poll Specifics: Registered Voters In the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska residents).  Political breakdown of those polled was 30% Republican, 31% Democratic, 36% Independents and 3% Other/Don't Know/Refused or Avoided Answer.
    Poll Conducted By: Abrams, Herzog & Filippi Analytics
    Poll Release Date: June 17, 2010 Press Release: Obama Overtakes Carter As The Worst President Of The U.S. In the Last 100 Years

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