Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The federal government files a lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration law

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  • Today the Obama regime made it official– they havefiled a lawsuitchallenging Arizona's new controversial immigration law.

  • I fully expect the Obama regime to win this challenge, but I welcome this lawsuit because it is my belief that the federal government has been irresponsible and negligent  in the enforcement of illegal immigration under the laws that are currently on the books. This case could give us the chance to indict the federal government for dereliction of duty– and I am not just talking about the Obama regime here, this has gone on way too long. When I say that we have the chance to indict the federal government for dereliction of duty I am not talking about a legally binding or punishable offense, I am merely stating that this trial could be used to show the vast majority of the American people that the federal government is unwilling to enforce immigration law. This is a chance to display to the nation that the federal government has been negligent in their immigration enforcement duties.

  • It will be up to Arizona to put the federal government on the defensive– to turn the tables on the Obama regime. After all, if the federal government was willing to do the job that they are now claiming is their responsibility under the constitution, Arizona never would have been forced to act on their own in the first place.

  • The problem is they are not ready to– and they are not willing to– enforce current immigration law. They do not want to stop illegal immigration– that is not the point of this lawsuit. The federal government wants to stop Arizona from stopping illegal immigration and that is a totally different position from the one they will be arguing in court.

  • The problem is that the federal government does not agree with the current immigration laws and they do not want them enforced, PERIOD! As I have stated, this is not the same as suing Arizona over jurisdiction, this is an attempt to ensure that nobody enforces immigration laws until Barack Obama has the chance to grant all of the illegal aliens and their families amnesty. That is the ultimate goal of this lawsuit.

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