Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Immigration law and the truth behind it all

  • I would like to point out a few facts and hopefully I can get it all on this page about the immigration law Arizona is passing and the fight against it all.
    To start it all off, President Bush came up with a United Nations Plan called Real ID.

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    Then Obama comes in with this so-called Change movement. After actually dedicating our Country to the United Nations Laws. He decides to go along with the same plans. He did however Change the name at least.

    Obama & Co. Want

    hoto of Senators Schumer (left) and Graham: AP Images
    A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators is teaming up with the Obama administration to legalize illegal immigrants and require biometric national ID cards for every American worker, prompting a swift and bipartisan backlash across the nation.

    National Biometric ID

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    "Our plan has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs; fulfilling and strengthening our commitments on border security and interior enforcement; creating a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here," wrote Graham and Schumer. "We would require all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want jobs to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card."
    The national ID cards would include a "unique biometric identifier," according to Graham and Schumer. Some of the likely candidates include finger prints, retinal scans, or even the layout of a person's veins in the top of their hand. Employers who refuse to "swipe the card" would face "stiff fines" and "prison sentences," the Senators noted. "Our blueprint also creates a rational system for admitting lower-skilled workers," they added.

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    Then, Realizing the dangers of having a central database with All your information in it we find out how dangerous this actually is. Not just the Cards The RFID Technology itself.

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    The RFID Hacking Underground 

    They can steal your smartcard, lift your passport, jack your car, even clone the chip in your arm. And you won't feel a thing. 5 tales from the RFID-hacking underground.

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    Yet they still seem to want to push this. All in the same plan that changed it's name from Real ID, to Pass ID, National ID, and Biometric ID. All named under the Obama Administration. To top it off. Digital Angel, Which has also been renamed several times. is joining in on all this as well. Now called Verichip. Also RFID tech which can be implanted into your skin. Note It is still very easy to hack into.

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    Now that you see all this, Back to the immigration status. This has been planned for a very long time now. Not just Bush, and Obama. But many others World wide.
    If they open the borders be ready to be chipped one way or the other.
    Obama was called on this.

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    Be sure to see the links above, Now for the truth. This has been going on for years and today is see very few people talking about this. Yet it is why the Borders need to be secured. But then again, I guess people don't care about America being attacked anymore. Watch these below.

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    Learn about OTM's Other than Mexicans.

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  • There is so much more on this subject yet Nobody seems to want to talk about actually securing the borders from these very real threats. Notice that these from Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afgan and so on are not coming here to get a higher paying job. Nor are they here for a better life away from Mexican Government.
    We have a Government pushing the fact to let these people in. An excuse for Real ID or now Biometric ID, Verichip now Positive ID.
    See here from this page.
    Arizona stopped this crazy plan to literally have everyone chipped. Either by card or implant. This is also the reason O's Administration is so mad.
    Look up the NWO, Or New World Order. These are age old plans so harshly being pushed on we the people today.
    I feel that even Mexico needs to wake up to this fact. They have already taken action on these cards and is in process today.
    For them it is a way of life to be able to come here to work. On the other hand it is very dangerous to be letting Millions of terrorist in our borders everyday as well.
    For Mexico. Be very aware of what these plans are. If you are coming here for freedom. You may want to think twice about getting any kind of card they are planning for force you to have.
    If they are forcing it on us. They will force it on you as well.
    The immigration law is NOT about Racial Profiling. Nobody is out to just pull you over and invade your homes. Just as we need papers to be a citizen and go to school. The same applies for everyone else. That is it.
    Read the Bill for yourself and stop letting the Media lie to you.

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    This is not about Race, It's about a tracking system for not just America, but Mexico and Canada as well. For a central database World Wide!

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