Sunday, May 2, 2010

State of Virginia to Investigate Global Warming Scientist Mann

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A legal battle is heating up faster than the planet for embattled climatologist Michael Mann.

First word emerged that the inspector general for the National Science Foundation would look into the Penn State panel reviewing the climate scientist, who is currently director of the school's Earth System Science Center. Now the attorney general for his old employer the University of Virginia is planning an investigation, too.

The paper, tipped off by anonymous sources, has posted a PDF of Cuccinelli's formal request, a legal document called a civil investigative demand. In that letter, he demands production of information and documentary material relating to three papers Mann authored while at UVA, using a total of $484,875 of state grant money.

Read the Attorney General's Note to UVA Rector John Wynne

“Since it’s public money, there’s enough controversy to look in to the possible manipulation of data,”
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