Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Volcano ash: Threat of second volcano Katla '10 times the strength'

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A column of steam and ash rises out of an erupting volcano near Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland

A second volcano in Iceland could erupt with 10 times the force of Eyjafyoll
if history repeats itself, scientists have warned.

Katla lies next to the volcano currently causing worldwide travel chaos with
molten lava and ash shooting into the sky.

The last time Eyjafyoll erupted in 1821-23, Katla followed shortly afterwards.
The same pattern occurred in 1612.

Katla erupts approximately every 60 years but has not done so since 1918, when
it was 10 times as powerful greater than the ongoing activity in Eyjafyoll.

Assistant professors Andy Hooper and Joris Melkert, from the University of
Delft in the Netherlands, said the ongoing activity could cause trouble for

“A new volcanic dust cloud potentially heading towards the United Kingdom
underlines the very real danger that Eyjafyoll could potentially sputter on
for months or even more than a year.

“Even in the scenario that Katla doesn’t erupt, disruption could be continuous
for many months to come from Eyjafyoll.”

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