Thursday, April 1, 2010

Russia's Medvedev promises 'crueler' measures

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President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit Thursday to the violence-wracked southern province of Dagestan, telling police and security forces to use tougher, "more cruel" measures to fight the "scum" responsible for terrorist attacks.

Russia's security chief said some terror suspects had been detained.
Twin suicide bombings in Moscow _ which Islamic militants from the North Caucasus claim to have carried out _ have refocused attention on the violence that for years has been confined to Russia's predominantly Muslim regions. The rush-hour attacks Monday on the Moscow subway killed 39 people and left nearly 90 hospitalized.
"The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please," he told federal and local officials in a televised meeting.
"We have torn off the heads of the most odious bandits, but clearly this was not enough. In any case, we will find them all and punish them," Medvedev said.
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