Thursday, April 29, 2010

An identity for all: India ID project fights dust, doubt

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MUMBAI (Reuters) - As India gears up to build the largest biometric database in the world with the aim of providing most of its 1.2 billion citizens a Unique Identification (UID), perhaps the biggest challenge is smudged fingerprints.

The UID Authority of India will issue the first UIDs linked to a person's demographic and biometric information between August and February, and issue about 600 million such IDs over the next five years to help verify citizens quickly and cheaply. It will be a boon for companies and government agencies alike.

It would give millions of Indians the means to open a bank account, buy a mobile phone, and access welfare services easily, while saving companies and government agencies the expensive and time-consuming process of verifying and establishing identities.

"The UID will hopefully enable better targeting, identification of beneficiaries, and plug leakages. If you can improve targeting by even 5-10 percent, it would be a big deal."

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VERICHIP has now bought STEEL VAULT and has now changed their name once again to POSITIVE ID and for the FIRST TIME EVER now they will be combining MONEY & IDENTITY with a RFID CHIP!!! WOW!!!

youtube stats for this video showed that this video was the #1 Favorited video for all of youtube in the first 24 hrs! pretty cool... POWER IS KNOWLEDGE and people want to know this stuff!!

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