Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aerial Video Footage Of Detroit: “Today, from the air, parts of Detroit look like a war zone”

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Former local TV reporter Chris Hansen, hosted a Dateline special on the devastation that the city of  Detroit has suffered. Via

However, they really don’t mention that most of Detroit’s problems are a direct result of a continuous 50 year regimen of liberal Democrat policies. Even worse is the fact that Detroit’s current leadership is really not interested in changing direction.

While you watch this video remember what Lyndon B. Johnson said about in his Great Society speech (at the University of Michigan) in 1964:

Many of you will live to see the day, perhaps 50 years from now, when there will be 400 million Americans — four-fifths of them in urban areas. In the remainder of this century urban population will double, city land will double, and we will have to build homes, highways, and facilities equal to all those built since this country was first settled. So in the next 40 years we must re-build the entire urban United States.

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