Monday, March 22, 2010

Pakistan’s Punjab Bans Christian Protests Citing “Terrorism Threats”

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Citing "terrorism threats", the government of Pakistan's Punjab province banned protests Monday,  March 22, against the "refusal" by police to detain those who burned a Christian man for not converting to Islam, while raping his wife.
It wasn't clear who had made the threats. Officials of Pakistan's Christian minority expressed concerns however about attacks by Islamic extremists, including fighters linked to al-Qaida and other militant groups.

Monday's demonstrations were to be organized in the cities of Lahore and Rawilpindi, where police and religious leaders allegedly attacked the Christian couple Friday, March 19.

Christian rights groups said they have given "24 hours to the Punjab police to arrest the culprits" and "to compensate the three small children" who were apparently forced to watch the rape of their mother and the burning of their father.
The officers are also suspected of having raped his wife, 33-year-old Martha Masih
38-year-old Arshed Masih may not survive
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