Friday, March 12, 2010

Graded paper: "-20% for being a LOSER"

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(NECN/WLOS) - A middle school teacher's controversial style of educating has him in hot water with one parent.
Rex Roland teaches sixth grade at Enka Middle School in Candler, North Carolina.  Parent Patty Clement said Roland wrote "loser" in red ink after correcting her daughter's paper.

"I went to the principal in November and complained," Clement said.  "She said she would put a stop to it."
A few weeks ago, another of 11-year-old Heather Clement's graded assignment made its way home and at the top of the page was a step beyond the original -- "minus 20% for being a loser."  The word "loser" underlined twice and capitalized.
Mrs. Clement called the assistant superintendent, then met with the principal and Mr. Roland.  She said Roland apologized and said it was his way of joking with students.  To Mrs. Clement, the practice is unacceptable.
"Suspend him," she said.  "Make him think about what he has done -- the severity of this."
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