Friday, March 19, 2010

Gillard flags national ID scheme for schoolchildren

This really goes to show how gullible they think we are. If it can be tracked, scanned pulled up on any computer, phone or network of any kind. It can be hacked and used within seconds.
Please folks Protect your children from this.
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Head shot of Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard speaking  on September 28, 2009.

The Federal Government plans to assign every schoolchild an individual identity number to track their academic progress.

Education Minister Julia Gillard is expected to unveil the plan in a speech at the National Press Club today.

Ms Gillard says the program will allow parents to monitor their children's development, even if they move schools.

She says the Government will ensure privacy is protected.

"If we have a way of tracking we can obviously have better measures of how schools are going in developing student performance," she said.

"And then for individual parents it obviously would be of assistance to be able to track the records of a child's schooling."

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he has doubts about the plan.

"I think that people have names and I think that it ought to be possible to identify people's performance based on their names, based on who they are," he said.

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