Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile troops, police attack post-quake looting

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CONCEPCION, Chile – Rescuers found signs of life in a quake-toppled building on Monday as the world offered aid to victims of a catastrophe that killed more than 700 people. Troops and police cracking down on looters arrested dozens of people for violating a curfew.

"We are confronting an emergency without parallel in Chile's history," President Michelle Bachelet declared Sunday, a day after the magnitude-8.8 quake — one of the biggest in centuries — killed at least 708 people and destroyed or badly damaged 500,000 homes.

Some coastal towns were almost obliterated, first shaken by the quake, then slammed by a tsunami that lifted whole houses and carried them inland and crushed others into piles of sticks.

Rosa Neira, 36, stands in front of a damaged house after an earthquake in

Firefighters had already pulled 25 survivors from the structure as well as eight people who died.

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