Friday, March 19, 2010

Africans 'take blame for climate change'

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Coral reef in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Many Africans blame themselves for climate change even though fossil fuel emissions there are less than 4% of the global total, a new survey suggests.

The report, the most extensive survey ever conducted on public understanding of the issue, found that others blamed God for changes in weather patterns.

It suggests dealing with climate change poses similar challenges to HIV and Aids, as people lack key information.

It was carried out for the BBC World Service trust and the British Council.

It has become a well-worn truism of international climate politics that those that did the least to cause climate change are those set to suffer the most from it.

However the Africa Talks Climate Report indicates that this message hasn't got through to many of those bearing the heaviest consequences of rising temperatures across the continent.

Over 1,000 citizens in 10 countries took part in discussions to ascertain what Africans really know and understand about the climate.

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