Sunday, February 14, 2010

Washington, Beijing And Some Interesting Parallels

China: We Are Bad And We Are Proud.
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I was perusing Strategy Page and an article caught my eye, China:  We Are Bad And We Are Proud. As I read the story, I was stuck by some very interesting parallels. Via the Aforementioned Strategy Page:

the Chinese government spends most of its (public) effort on the Internet trying to control what it considers bad behavior. In addition to shutting down thousands of pornography sites, and arresting hundreds of the people behind this thriving industry, the government thought police are also after cell phone users who text dirty to each other. (emphasis added)

I realize the U.S. Government is not going after people who text dirty to each other (note to Kwame Kilpatrick, stay out of China) but Obama’s Justice Department is asserting that it’s is legal to track your cell phone location.

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