Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan

A resident attempts to rescue female students from the rubble of a bombing which hit near a school in Timergara

THE discovery of three American soldiers among the dead in a suicide bombing
at the opening of a girls’ school in the northwestern Pakistan town of Dir
last week reignited the fears of many Pakistanis that Washington was set on
invading their country.

US airstrikes in Pakistan, launched from unmanned drones, are now averaging
three a week, triple the number last year. “We're quietly seeing a
geographical shift,” an intelligence officer said.

Barack Obama has banned the Bush-era term “war on terror” and dithered about
sending extra troops to Afghanistan, but across the border in Pakistan, the
US president has dramatically stepped up the covert war against Islamic

The discovery of the dead US soldiers revealed that America’s shadowy war in
not only involves drones but also small cadres of special
operations soldiers.

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