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Rick Perry on Al Gore, the NAFTA Superhighway, and Bilderberg

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Kurt Nimmo
August 16, 2011
If Rick Perry is going to successfully project the image of a god-fearing Christian Tea Party Republican, he will have to put distance between himself and Al Gore.
In 1988, Perry not only supported Gore, he was his campaign manager in Texas. After Gore lost to Michael Dukakis and then Dukakis lost the election in a landslide to Bush Senior, Perry jumped parties. He became a Republican in 1989.
During a an interview on Des Moines-based WHO on Monday, Perry said he worked with Gore “before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.” Growing up in rural Texas, Perry said “I never met a Republican until I was 25… In 1988 when you looked at the candidates, Al Gore was the most conservative candidate that was out there.”
Either Perry wasn’t paying attention or he is trying to lie his way out of his past association with Gore. In April of 1987, according to Politico, Gore was already preaching his warmist mantra.
“He laid out a broad list of national objectives, from combating AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease to curbing the ‘greenhouse effect’ — the threat to the Earth’s atmosphere from the burning of oil, gas and coal,” The Los Angeles Times reported in covering Gore’s announcement. In May 1987, according to The Washington Post, his stump speeches included a call for the nation to “confront the emerging problems of the greenhouse effect and the threat to our ozone,” notes Politico.

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