Friday, August 19, 2011

Amnesty is here and jackpot justice

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The Obama regime is thumbing its nose at Congress and creating a defacto amnesty, much like the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected.
 From Fox News:
 The Obama administration announced Thursday that it would launch a case-by-case review of illegal immigrants slated for deportation, in a move that could grant a reprieve to so-called DREAM Act beneficiaries and thousands of others. 
The DREAM Act is a proposal in Congress to give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a chance at legal status if they complete two years of college or military service. Though the bill has not passed, supporters and critics alike suggested Thursday's announcement could serve to unilaterally carry out its provisions.
 A spokeswoman with the Federation for American Immigration Reform described the new policy as "blanket amnesty." 
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 According to the Washington Times, Justice will begin looking at cases on a case by case basis.  In other words, they are looking for reasons to legalize illegals.
 From the Washington Times:
 The Homeland Security Department said Thursday it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria such as attending school, having family in the military or are primarily responsible for other family members’ care.
The move, announced in letters to Congress, won immediate praise from Hispanic activists and Democrats who had chided President Obama for months for the pace of deportations and had argued he had authority to exempt broad swaths of illegal immigrants from deportation.
“Today’s announcement shows that this president is willing to put muscle behind his words and to use his power to intervene when the lives of good people are being ruined by bad laws,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat.
In the letters to Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said her department and the Justice Department will review all ongoing cases and see who meets the new criteria on a case-by-case basis.
“This case-by-case approach will enhance public safety,” she said. “Immigration judges will be able to more swiftly adjudicate high priority cases, such as those involving convicted felons.”
The new rules apply to those who have been apprehended and are in deportation proceedings, but have not been officially ordered out of the country by a judge. Miss Napolitano said a working group will try to come up with “guidance on how to provide for appropriate discretionary consideration” for “compelling cases” in those instances where someone has already been ordered deported.
It was unclear how many people might be affected by the new rules, though in fiscal year 2010 the government deported nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants who it said did not have criminal records.
 The full story is here:
 This is the first move by a desperate Obama regime.  They see the poll numbers and unless they do something, they know Obama will not see a second term.  Amnesty they believe will deliver the Hispanic vote.  Given the history in the Democratic Party of election fraud, do not be surprised if some of these illegals who receive amnesty suddenly vote in next year’s election, whether they are eligible to or not.
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