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Escalation in Arizona: Citizen's Firearms confiscated

Back on Jul 10 2011 Quartzsite began what is being called Marshal Law being declared in Arizona State. It seems the more this issue is being discussed somehow all this is Going completely against the very Constitution Of the United States and Bill of Rights this great country has had for the very Freedom that protects us all. Not only being punished for Freedom of Speech but the Right to Bear Arms?
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Residents of the Arizona town that has become a YouTube sensation after police forcibly removed a woman speaking at a recent public meeting are now experiencing firearms confiscation by the government.
The stunning action is taking place in Quartzsite, Ariz., where Town Councilman Joe Winslow has prompted the seizure of guns from local gem dealer and online entrepreneur Michael Roth because Roth allegedly glared at the councilman, blocked his entrance to Town Hall and called him a "turd."
Karen Slaughter, the elected justice of the peace for the region, issued a harassment injunction against Roth on behalf of Winslow, the lawmaker who called for the silencing of pet groomer and publisher Jennifer Jones in the infamous video.
That original video of the June 28 town-hall fiasco posted on YouTube has been viewed more than 120,000 times.
"I don't know the source of his animus towards me and at this point I don't care," Winslow said of Roth at a July 19 hearing.

"I don't like firearms," he said. "I have nothing against anyone who wants to own a gun for protection, hunting, recreation, whatever, that's their business. But you bring the two things together the fixed-minded people who for whatever reason are aggressive and confrontational by nature and bring in firearms and it's a bad combination. As far as name-calling goes, that's sophomoric. I just ignore it."
Ironically, despite Winslow's self-expressed aversion to firearms and desire to confiscate Roth's weapons, the councilman admitted he had recently gone gun shopping for himself.
"I felt it necessary for me to go out and purchase a gun, and I did," Winslow said. "I went out and bought a 12-gauge shotgun. I don't like it. I don't like being in that position."
Judge Slaughter granted Winslow's request for the injunction, saying, "I will go ahead an issue the order. However, on the portion for [Roth] to stay away from the town council or the from the Town Hall, I don't think I can give a blanket order to do that. What it's going to say is that if he has to have specific personal business at the town, then he'll have to call and make an appointment. ... He can make an appointment if he wants to talk about his water bill or whatever the case may be, then that way you can leave or whatever so that you don't have to have a confrontation with him."

Her official order bans Roth from attending public meetings at Town Hall, precludes him from possessing or purchasing firearms and ammunition, and orders him to surrender his firearms to law enforcement.
"I am stunned this can happen in America! What's going on here?" Roth exclaimed. "I had a heads-up that the corrupt chief of police was going to try and disarm me. I didn't know how this was possible since I didn't break any laws that would've allowed him to do this."
Roth, 46, is outraged at the mandate, telling WND his constitutional rights are being "completely" violated.
"Town Hall is where anyone in America can air their grievances to the public and to the politicians. Now I am ordered to stay away, effectively stopping me from warning others about the police state we live in," he said. "And in these times of rising crime, I can't even defend myself or my family because a crooked councilman and a misguided judge are worried about what the councilman might do to me because of his self-confessed mental instabilities. It's complete insanity!"
Justice Slaughter refused further comment about her ruling, as her assistant indicated the judge did not wish to be interviewed, even by email.
WND asked Roth about the allegations Winslow made in the hearing, and he responded:
"When a sheriff's deputy came to my door asking for my guns the day after I was served, I didn't think I had any. However, after he was gone I remembered that I had one rifle that I bought at a yard sale and completely forgot about it, so I called up the sheriff's office and told them I would comply with the court order and to come and get my rifle, even though I think it's unconstitutional what Judge Slaughter did."
Roth noted the judge "is a former sheriff's deputy and does not have formal legal training. She is the justice of the peace because she won an election. She's there because she won the popularity contest."

A video of the July 19 hearing in front of Judge Slaughter has been created from the audio of the proceeding and has been posted on YouTube.
As WND reported last week, the state of Arizona indicated it was investigating allegations of massive corruption among government officials in Quartzsite, and where the mayor said he's not being paid and most local police officers were in the process of being fired and were ordered not to leave their homes.
Mayor Ed Foster, who's been at war with his own council and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert whom he has called corrupt and "a Nazi," believes potentially millions of dollars of taxpayer money is being illegally funneled through secret checks to unnamed councilmembers.

A Facebook support page for Mayor Foster has been inundated with viewership and messages of solidarity.

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Escalation in Arizona: Firearms confiscated

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29 Jul
Arizona Attorney General press release:
Friday, July 29, 2011
Contact: Amy Rezzonico (602) 542-8019
Attorney General Horne Finds Reasonable Cause to Believe Open Meeting Law Has Been Violated in Quartzsite
PHOENIX (Friday, July 29, 2011) – Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General, today released partial information regarding the Attorney General’s Office investigation of events in Quartzsite. Horne stated:
“Normally, we do not release the results of an investigation until it has been completed. However, because this is a matter of unusual public interest, we are prepared to say that, based on review of a video of a July 10 meeting, there is reasonable cause to believe that there has been a violation of the Open Meeting Law, inasmuch as the public was excluded. The meeting was held under the misconception that an emergency meeting can be conducted without the public present. Independently of the question of whether the Town Council had a legitimate reason to hold an emergency meeting, even proper emergency meetings must allow the public to be present. The exception is if there is a legitimate basis for an executive session, and the City Council did not attempt to hold a proper executive session during the emergency meeting. The investigation of this and other alleged violations of Open Meeting Laws is ongoing.”
Arizona Attorney General Finds Probable Cause To Investigate Quartzsite Council July 10 Secret Meeting
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