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The horrible process of How-To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

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Over the last 12 months, Facebook has seen its share of controversy in regard to account privacy and its terms of service.  It’s hard to say what sparked all the excitement: Rapid growth of the service (#3 on the internet overall)? Parents growing awareness of the site and how their kids were using it?  The Media?  Or perhaps they deserved it based on their unethical business practices, privacy policy and terms of service?
Whatever the reasons, it’s obvious some no longer trust the internet giant as I seem to keep hearing the same question over and over again:
“Is it possible to delete my facebook account?”
“I managed to deactivate it so it’s deleted right?”.
You would think the answer would be fairly straightforward however I have to admit, it took quite a bit of digging to come up with the answers surrounding account / profile deactivation and full blown account removal from the service.  After doing the research and walking through the deceptive complex process, it was very apparent that Facebook has done their very best to prevent its customers from leaving their service thus limiting the amount of customer data being scrubbed from their service.

Personally, I really feel Facebook has definitely crossed the border of unethical behavior on this.  After all, they don’t “actually” provide an interface to delete your account and end your agreement with them regarding the use of your personal data per section 2.1 in their terms of service.
Here, let me show you.  First I’ll explain Facebook Account Deactivation since this is the only option offered in their User Interface.

Deactivating Your Facebook Account, Is it the same as Account Deletion?

Users can deactivate their Facebook account from the user interface without too much trouble however Facebook will ask you to confirm your decision (more on this) by displaying one of your friends and telling you “Your Friend will miss you”.  In my example for instance, I’m pretty sure it took at least a few days for “P-Diddy” to get over losing me as a FaceBook friend.  :)
Be sure to see the rest of this hideous process at the link below.
more here.

I REPEAT: Your profile isn't deleted right away! You must NOT log in to, or interact in any other way with Facebook for at least two weeks, as it will cancel the deletion request. That includes NOT logging in to Facebook using any client (like the iPhone app or IM:s like Pidgin), NOT clicking embedded Like-buttons on other websites, NOT logging in to other services using Facebook Connect (like Digg) etc etc.

Hey, while your're at it, delete all your browsing/forms history and cookies as well, to minimize the risk of accidentally using your account! 
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