Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook, Walmart Becoming “666 Digital Beast” of the 21st Century

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This is the final red flag alert for the approach of  overt social  fascism. There is nothing covert about what the TV reporter in the video clip above is describing. Do you see where all this is going? Do the math.  With facial recognition software in place on Facebook, whenever the FED is monitoring your conversation, they know who you are, by face, and they will intervene and “correct” your conversation if they feel you are crossing some line they have established. You are not only being watched and listened to which is unauthorized personal surveillance, but they will now tell you what you should or should not be saying, that is to say, they will “weigh in” and “correct the conversation.”
Outrage is not a word that even comes close to how I feel about this newscast. The sheer hubris and audacity evident in the statement staggers me.
Since when does anyone in Canada or America need to be “corrected” by some anonymous government official when they are in an online conversation?  Being surreptitiously monitored by the government is awful enough. The very premise of what this reporter is suggesting throws every constitutional right to privacy and free speech out the window. If these kinds of public mass PSY OPs, disguised as TV news broadcasts, are already airing in Canada, then how soon will PSY OP TV broadcasts like this one air in the US? Is the mass TV network PSY OP already creeping into America’s living rooms which will suggest, in oh so blithe and cheerful conversational terms, that it’s now “OK” not only for the FED to listen in and ID you by photo while you chat with friends online on Facebook, but to actually intervene in the conversation and “correct” it when they deem appropriate?
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I also quickly discovered that Christians and Christianity are not the “favored” identities to the computerized Facebook protocols. One evening I had another spooky and inexplicable experience. I wanted to place certain keywords in my profile so that other Christians could find me a little bit easier. [ My entire reason and motive for joining Facebook had been to not only investigate just how secretly rotten this portal is, but to examine how it worked and report on it, which I am doing now. ]
So I was trying to enter the keyword phrases like:” Jesus follower“, “Jesus of Nazareth”, “Lord Jesus Christ” “Christian Conservative” “Tea Party Patriot” and so forth into my profile. Every time I entered these phrases they vanished. They just disappeared. I entered and re-entered these keyword phrases 6 times over before I realized that the pre-coded protocols of Facebook WAS NOT going to allow me to place those phrases into my profile, yet there was a persistent ongoing effort to get me to put into the profile instead:

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