Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Obamas Invite Cop Hating Rapper to the White House

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What do you think of when you imagine a White House “Celebration of American Poetry and Prose?” A quiet collection of serious minded women and professorial looking men reciting, in tones both dramatic and hushed, carefully crafted cadenzas in a setting of earnest reflection?
Think again. Think of THIS:
Yo, yo, yo, lissen up. This is not your father’s candy ass poetry reading, you hear?
Mrs. Obama, who is supposedly so concerned about the future of our nation’s impressionable and overweight youth, has invited this spigot of hatred, a rapper who calls himself “Common,” to the White House Wednesday to share his vitriol.
It’s one thing to be angry about your circumstances and to express it. It’s quite another to threaten harm against the police.
Instead of inviting this person to the White House, Obama should probably be trying to find out if “Common” is serious about his own lyrics. He’s not a poet. He’s a security threat.
How fraudulent of Obama to head to Ground Zero last week and have his picture taken with police who responded to the 9/11 disaster, and then give the presidential seal of approval to someone who wrote this:
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