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Islam Praying Osama's death not true. Bringing more Threats from Islam.

Hadith Oliyankara Juma MasjidImage via WikipediaAs most of America is Rejoicing today over the Death of Osama bin Laden. The question still remains. Where is the body? Not only are more and more Americans waiting for this proof so is all of Islam, I keep hearing that somehow they buried his body at sea? If this is the case could our so called fearless President be any more of an Idiot?
Another cover-up? Other news of Fox reports saying that he was killed in a missile strike about a week ago.  Like media from pages like this.
Though I haven't seen the actual article yet. I will post it if I do though. The fact of the matter is. The Proof needs to be shown around the world. Islam will wind up trying to strike as they think he died a Martyr. That fact is. His death is not as a Martyr should die. As the news states he was flat out shot down. He didn't kill anyone in the process and coward behind a women as a shield. This is not an Islamic Martyr. This means he died as pathetic as it gets.
As America is joining together we need to remember. It isn't over. We will hear many different stories. Mostly from the Islamic World trying to prove how fake it is. This is the Time for America to stand together and stand strong. If Obama was somehow a smart man. He would show us all the real proof and fast.
Islam is not taking this lightly as we see in the article below..

Americans celebrated on the streets and U.S. markets rallied on hopes bin Laden's death could ease the threats hanging over much of the developed world -- but even President Barack Obama said that terrorist attacks would continue to be a concern.
Interpol predicted a heightened risk and called for extra vigilance in case followers sought revenge for the killing of the man who became the global face of terror, even if he no longer had tactical control of al Qaeda actions.
Members of militant Islamist forums vowed to avenge bin Laden's death and CIA Director Leon Panetta said al Qaeda would "almost certainly" attempt some form of retaliation.
Roland Jacquard, head of the International Terrorism Observatory in Paris, said the United States would be targeted.
"The way in which he was killed, by a military commando, shows this will have important consequences for the future. It will be a call for Jihad, he will remain a very real-life martyr for the rest of the organization," Jacquard told RTL radio.
Islamic militants prayed the news of bin Laden's death was false, or else vowed revenge in comments on online forums.
"Oh God, please make this news not true... God curse you Obama," said one message on an Arabic language forum. "Oh Americans... it is still legal for us to cut your necks."
A man identified as a prominent member of the jihadist internet community by monitoring group SITE said revenge would be taken for the death of "the Sheikh of Islam."
"Osama may be killed but his message of Jihad will never die. Brothers and sisters, wait and see, his death will be a blessing in disguise," said a poster on another Islamist forum.
Experts fear the only blow to al Qaeda will be psychological.
In Washington, a crowd gathered outside the White House as Obama announced the conclusion of a decade-long manhunt, singing patriotic songs and chanting slogans.
The killing was hailed by George W. Bush, who was president when al Qaeda hijackers slammed airliners into the Pentagon and New York's World Trade Center.
"The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done," Bush said. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he hoped the news would bring closure to those who lost loved ones on September 11.
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