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April 22, 2012
Dear Patriots,
Today, The United West had a team of activists on the ground in Dearborn, Michigan assisting Michigan activists in maintaining their First Amendment right. They witnessed the City of Dearborn, Michigan standing firmly with Shairah Law and not with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Pastor Jones, who brought the issue to the forefront, is secondary to the issue of the United States Constitution losing ground to Shariah compliance.
The Government of Dearborn, Michigan is FEARFUL of Muslims and functions, de facto, as a Shariah compliant city.
Citizens of Dearborn must view this GOOD FRIDAY as a “day of awakening” and start the hard work to save their formally beautiful and proud city.
The United West is on the ground in Michigan assisting the activists who call Michigan their home and will retain a presence there to save the state from pervasive and destructive Shariah compliant doctrine.
We were there today to support the patriots of Dearborn and will remain there as the ONLY academic, resistance and confrontational activists in the nation.
God Bless you, our great patriots, on this Easter weekend. May God bless and Save America.
In Liberty,
Tom A. Trento
The United West
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