Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endless War Powers, Failed Drug Wars, Geitner Unchained, Texas Slaps TSA

The Reality Report. If you haven't had time to keep up with what is really going on the world. Here are a few of the latest videos. I have to say it's good to hear the Real News for a change. The Reality Report Rocks!

http://RTR.org | In today's top headlines, we present Texas House Bill HB 1937, which will stop the TSA from groping you. Obama is looking at the war on drugs a little differently and tell you why. We discuss a story about Obama's desire to make it legal for all presidents to declare war without Congressional consent. And we hit the debt ceiling but Geitner dosen't seem to mind.
http://RTR.org | Win a 1oz Ron Paul Silver Medallion! Spread the word about Ron Paul and win some silver, not a bad gig huh? CONTEST RULES: To enter your chance to win you must: Comment, Subscribe, AND Share this video. If you do not do ALL three you will not be eligible to win. We'll select a random commenter who has subscribed and shared the video and send a private message to your youtube channel. We will announce the winner on next week's show. Spread the Revolution!Medallion provided by http://FreedomMint.comhttp://RTR.org | Angie Ress breaks down the top stories this week, including: J. P. Morgan Chase investing in companies that support genocide, a North Carolina school district promoting vaccines by giving away prize incentives, Mozilla standing up to a U.S government takedown request and Arlington,TX partnering with DHS to be the first city in nation to allow unmanned drone fly overs.
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