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Ariz. Sheriff: Feds Order Release of Illegals to Phony Up Numbers

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The U.S. Border Patrol has told its agents to stop arresting illegal  aliens crossing the border from Mexico to keep the illegal immigration  numbers down, Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever tells Newsmax.

He also charges that Attorney General Eric Holder is “holding hands with  the ACLU” to protect illegal aliens from prosecution, says illegals are  committing “heinous crimes” across America every day, and calls claims  that the federal government should be solely responsible for controlling  illegal immigration “balderdash.”

Dever is sheriff of Cochise County, which shares an 83-mile border with  Mexico, and he says his Border Patrol sector is responsible for half of  all illegal aliens caught trying to enter the country and halt the  narcotics entering the United States.

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In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, he was asked about the Obama  administration’s bragging that the border is more secure than ever.

“For the secretary of homeland security to say the border is more secure  than ever, well, I’ve been there forever and there was a happier time  than what it is today. We have a long, long way to go.

“Don’t drink the Kool-Aid and buy into 'this border is secure' nonsense.

“There’s a bad element in the mix of the aliens that are crossing that  border and they don’t stay there, they move into communities throughout  the country. And every day there are travesties and heinous crimes being  committed by those people. If we don’t stop it at the border, it’s just  going to continue to grow.”

Dever recently told Congress that in one district in Texas, illegals are  allowed to be caught crossing the border 14 times before being charged  with a felony, and federal smuggling charges are not considered unless  at least six illegal aliens are being smuggled into the country.

“It doesn’t surprise me because we’ve been seeing that every day in  Arizona, with artificial thresholds for narcotics, for human smuggling,”  he tells Newsmax.

“For that to be issued as a written solid order, it’s outrageous.”

He also explains how he has heard that the Border Patrol has told  officers to stop arresting Mexican illegals to keep official illegal  immigration figures down.

“That comes from agents on the ground, who have told me, told my deputies, told citizens in the area.

“They have in the past been instructed to scare people back or turn them back south versus arresting them.”

Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher’s has denied that agents have been  told not to arrest Mexican illegals. Dever responds: “I tend to believe  there is no written order to that effect. But if your agents on the  ground have that perception and that understanding, then you need to go  back and change it.

“If they’re lying, shame on them, and shame on me for bringing it up.  But frankly, my staff, when they heard this, they said what’s the big  deal? We’ve been hearing this forever. And people who live in my county  say the same things.

“So something’s going on and it needs to be rectified and fixed so these people are brought to justice.”

Dever tells Newsmax that the Mexican drug cartels are freely operating many miles from the U.S.-Mexican border.

“You can go up to 70 miles north in Pinal County, which isn’t even a  border county, and the Bureau of Land Management put up signs on public  land warning people not to travel there because of the threat from drug  cartels.

“If you travel into the recreational areas in my county, those same  signs are up warning people they could encounter drug and human  smuggling. I think we ought to point the signs south and tell the folks  who are coming here that this is not a safe place for you to come.”

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