Friday, April 15, 2011

Ariz. Senate OKs Presidential Birth Certificate Bill

First page of Constitution of the United StatesImage via WikipediaI find it so sad that my children cannot go in to any school without the actual documents to prove they are citzens but the President of the United States don't have to show anything? I mean really? This could have been done and over with already if he would just show real thing nothing but a phone call on his part. Unless? He's got something to hide that is. Arizona Rocks! I'm actually surprise this isn't already in all state laws after all it is the law of the land already according the the Constitution of the United States of America that is.
The  battle over presidential candidates' birth certificates took its first legislative turn when Arizona’s Senate approved a bill requiring all presidential candidates to provide documentation proving they Barack Obama, Birth Certificate, Arizona Senatewere born in the United States before getting on the state ballot.

The bill, which passed 20 to 9 on a party-line vote Wednesday, still has to be approved by Arizona's House. A Democrat who voted against the measure claimed that if it becomes law, it is likely to be struck down by the courts, reports the Arizona Daily Star.

The original bill, which would have required presidential candidates to provide their long-form birth certificate, was amended to allow other documents such as baptism, circumcision or hospital birth records.

Article Two of the Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born citizen.” The Arizona bill did not specifically mention President Barack Obama, who has consistently refused to release his long-form certificate. Many Republicans, led by prospective presidential candidate Donald Trump, have cast doubt on Obama’s claim that he was born in Hawaii.

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