Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Video: The Man Who Should Be President | newstime.co.nz

Allen West (politician)Image via WikipediaNow if the man would have stood up in the last election I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. Finally someone out there gets it. I haven't seen anyone tackle these issues in any election. Along with the headline this guy should be the President. If we had someone like this in office right now. Do you think we would be facing any of the issues we are facing today? We need many more people like this in offices around America. Check this video out.
From Kitman TV on Youtube
Florida Republican Congressman-elect Allen West talked about the state of U.S. relations with Israel and Iran’s nuclear program at a pro-Israel conference. Other speakers included the chief spokesman for the Israel Consulate of Florida and Puerto Rico as well as representatives from Jewish groups. Americans Against Hate was founded in 1998 to inform the public of the dangers of groups and people within U.S. involved in terrorism overseas.

As so many people look at Islam being such a peaceful religion today. I want to take a little time here to show a bit of history on how slavery actually became such a large industry in the worlds history. Here is what it seems many Americans today have forgotten and is no longer taught in public schools anymore. Take the time to watch this video. It may help many of us remember.


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