Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Environment News: Millions of Dead Fish Appear in California Marina
Is it a fish apocalypse? Millions of dead fish suddenly appeared in a marina in Redondo Beach, California.

KTLA has the video.

“You can see that shot right there, just fish everywhere that we look down here. And it is all, not only through the channel way here, but all up against the boats... these fish are everywhere here and again these fish are all dead for reasons we just don’t know here so that will be investigated certainly by oceanography folks and other people down here.”

The anchovies, sardines, mackerel and other species showed up Tuesday morning in King Harbor Marina. No one is sure why the fish died, but USA Today reports there is a theory. A coordinator at the marina says they may have suffocated.

“...the fish apparently swam into the harbor to escape a red tide, a naturally occurring event that can poison fish or starve them of oxygen... [H]igh winds apparently kept the fish from leaving the harbor and they all crushed up against the harbor wall, where they used up the oxygen and suffocated.”

And Contra Costa Times and ABC report - the clean up has become somewhat of a challenge.

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