Sunday, March 6, 2011

Balloon stunt raises anger in San Francisco - Video Games

E3 2010 giant Homefront bannerImage by via FlickrThis article really goes to show the stupity of evironmentalists. It's stories like this that really makes me wonder. Why in the World are these people over here complaining about balloons instead of being over there in Iran or Egypt or Lybia or even China or Mexico complaining about the evironment? I mean Balloons?

Better yet, Being that they count themselves to be so accountable to the environment and this New game Homefront really ticks them off. Why not go to North Korea and complain about it there?

It's a video game people get over it! Plus the story line of it really isn't that far fetched if anyone with even a half a brain actually and knew anything about what is going on in the World today.

If balloons are such a crime now days in America. What difference would it make for a country like North Korea or any other for that matter to take over and tell us all what to do. At this point I don't think Environmentalist are any better than most of the Marxiist Dictators out there.
I mean Balloons. Really?
See the full story here.
A publicity stunt intended to advertise upcoming shooter Homefront ended up backfiring this week when 10,000 red balloons, released by publisher THQ into the San Francisco skies, wound up in the waters of the Bay itself, angering local environmentalists.
Scheduled for release on March 15, Homefront takes place in 2027, and sees a belligerent and heavily armed North Korean army invades the mainland of the United States. The balloons were released in a mock protest against the game's fictional North Korean regime, and coincided with this week's Game Developers Conference taking place in downtown San Francisco.
"The balloons that were released are completely biodegradable," she told Cnet. "They start the process of biodegrading as soon as they're blown up with the helium. There should not be any environmental concerns." Regardless, the publisher has hired a clean-up crew to deal with the mess.



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