Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloomberg calls for tighter gun control

Hitler enters the German populated Sudetenland...Image via WikipediaNow, I wonder how many didn't see this one coming. Bloomberg calling for more gun control. As I sit here watching the poor people that have lost friends and family over crazy people murdering them. I can't help to think, how many of them got those guns out of a trunk of a car? Or even over a drug deal? What bothers me the most, is there was nobody there with a side arm to help most of those shot.

Anyone who knows anything about calling the police need to be reminded on how long it takes them to respond. 20 minutes? Half hour? Depending on the area an hour or two?

I also tend to reflect on the fact of the old west. When the Native had no guns to help protect themselves and the Aztecs from Spain. Also, Germany in Hitlers time. Banning guns and more strict laws so the people couldn't fight back from Big Government.

Strict and more laws on Guns Do Not stop gun violence whatsoever. There are millions of Guns on the streets. YES, Millions. Strict Gun laws add to the sales on the street. Instead of buying legally the will get them much cheaper and more easily without traces right out of a trunk of a car or through a drug deal.
Making it to where the average law abiding citizen cannot have a way to protect themselves or the families from those who are crazy, or trying to make a quick buck, or over drugs.

I really think more people need to be aware of what is happening here. If your fighting for strict laws to take away the Right to protect ourselves, and our Free Nation. Then what kinda person does that make you?

Our Forefathers saw what happened to their countries when they did this. That is why they wrote the Constitution. That is also why it is the second amendment. It's very sad to have crazy nut cases out there firing weapons at people. It's even worse to never be able to have a way to protect yourself from them.

The more I hear Bloomberg talk. The more of an idiot I find that he is. He don't care! He just wants you to loose your Freedom.
Take a look at this video. Don't you love how they try to doctor it all up?

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