Saturday, December 4, 2010

Action Alert 12/2/10 - Constitutional Emergency

"The American people don't believe anythi...Image by afagen via Flickr
Ignoring the will of the people and betraying us (once again), the members of the Senate voted to PASS S 510 Food "Safety" Bill! FOURTEEN REPUBLICAN SENATORS were among those voting to pass this bill!

This bill, as you know, has NOTHING to do with Food "Safety" and EVERYTHING to do with exercising more control over the American people! If you had thoughts about planting a garden this coming Spring, think again! S 510 robs us of our God-given right to supply our own food!

If you feel betrayed as we do, join us in letting the fourteen Republican Senators know just what we think of their vote!
Visit our FAX Center and read the FAX. If it meets with your approval, request to send "S 510 Traitors" fax
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