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Questions Of Effectiveness Aside, Many School Districts Are Pushing For SMART Boards |

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Questions Of Effectiveness Aside, Many School Districts Are Pushing For SMART Boards

Dr. Robert H. Goddard- The Father Of Modern Rocketry
There has been a sustained push for “Interactive White Boards” in K-12 schools to “bring lesson plans to life, engage students directly in the learning process and even boost student performance.
As I posted earlier this year, school districts across the state are pushing for federal dollars to purchase the interactive SMART boards for their classrooms while many educators question the effectiveness of the equipment.
As it has been pointed out many times before, the more money spent on education does not translate into improved results.

Increased spending on education does not increase results
Questions of effectiveness aside, opinion leaders and educators are pushing for the new SMART boards. Via the Detroit News:
From Macomb Township to Plymouth, technology is transforming the teaching landscape. Chalkboards and dry-erase boards have been replaced by interactive whiteboards with touch screens that communicate with a teacher’s laptop or computer. Assignments and lecture notes are often found on teachers’ blogs. And science experiments can be projected in front of an entire class — and recorded — using a document camera, a desktop apparatus that can snap or stream images to a whiteboard or screen, so students don’t have to crane their necks to see what’s going on.
Technology “has changed everything,” Johnson said.
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